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Copy of Temporal Variations in Tourism Development - Rotorua

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Tashia Glendinning

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Temporal Variations in Tourism Development - Rotorua

(How Tourism has changed over the years)
Temporal Variations in Tourism Development

Phase 1 - Pioneer Phase
The famous Pink and White Terraces where
people would bathe in the pristine waters
or paint the picturesque landscape
Mass Tourism Phase
1950's- 1980's
Market Specialisation Phase 1980's - Today
range of attractions
Newest Phase
The Pink and White Terraces
Rotomahana Hotel
Nice place to put your feet up
after visiting the baths
Typical Aristocrat visitor from Europe in the 1800's
Early travellers to the Terraces would be either overland or by ship.
Mt Tarawera's eruption on 11th June 1886 changed how tourism operated.
Te Arawa Maori moved to Whakarewarewa where they taught people their tourist ways!!
Railroad between Auckland and Rotorua built which means better access. The information centre was opened too.
The government did a lot at this time to invest in Rotorua's tourism. It even set up it's own department of "Tourism & Health resorts"
The government invested money into establishing Rotorua as a Spa destination with the Blue Baths opening
WW1, WW2, The depression
Visitor numbers decrease
Lots of Motels were built along Fenton Street and
a linear pattern developed of accommodation
Tourism had to diversify into things like thermal bathing, trout fishing and boat cruises on the Lakes.
Maori Culture became the new focus of tourism
in Rotorua. This ensured visitors would continue
to visit
More domestic travelers could holiday
in Rotorua as people could afford cars and the airport opening in 1964
New types of tourism helped ensure visitors kept coming back
Phase 1 contd
Pioneer Phase
1800's - 1930's
UK, EUROPE, USA, Japan, Australia

Range of accommodation types

Sustainability is important and Regulators
are involved a lot more.
UK, USA, Europe, Germany, Australia
Sth Korea, Japan, China, India
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