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Richard George

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of wHY

Why We Learn Spanish - Travel!
Thousands of languages are spoken in hundreds of countries, territories, and other nation-states.


Our Reason
The reason we will be representing is: Travel!

Many tourists enter Spanish-speaking countries, but some of them don't know Spanish when entering those countries.

On Quora, Brian Fey, describes a time when he experienced this: "Non-Spanish speaking visitors as tourists will have language problems if they leave the most popular tourist destinations. People working the counters at bus lines rarely speak English."
As you can see, it is important to learn
and speak Spanish!
Spanish Speaking Countries
Common Examples
of Using Spanish
In the past few slides, we have thoroughly explained
how learning Spanish is important when entering a Spanish-speaking country. Here are some examples!
When entering or leaving an airport, you can ask questions about where to leave or enter the gate for the flight, instead of wandering!
If you are in a dangerous situation, you call for help and be able to be answered in time of need!
If you are eating at a restaurant, you can the waiter/waitress for what you want to eat, instead of not having a relaxing time.

Personal Experience - Erjon Cosaj

Personal experience of ...... De Richard!!!
"I was on vacation one day in Costa Rica, a Spanish-speaking country. And my family only spoke English. So we did not know what anyone was saying. SO a guy came over, he spoke English and Spanish, and he translated for us." - Erjon Cosaj
The experience of the odds!!
"When my family went to Britain(I know right... it's not a Spanish-speaking country..), we entered a Mexican restaraunts and literally everyone was speaking Spanish! With my
Spanish knowledge, I was able to order everyone's food!" - Richard G.
Once I went to Europe (Paris, Zurich and Switzerland) and we couldn't speak Italian or French. so we couldn't understand what people were saying. Luckily I studied some French and I knew how to speak to some people. So our trip was still fun, even though we couldn't speak French.
-Aniketh B.
Spanish is a great tool for travelers where ever they go.
It enables you to have a more fun trip! Thank you for your time and for watching!!!
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