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Religion Chapter's 1-6, "The Life of Grace"

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Lisa OConnor

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Religion Chapter's 1-6, "The Life of Grace"

Religion Chapter's 1-6
"The Life of Grace"

Chapter 1: Knowing God Through Creation
QOD: When did you realize that God Existed? How do you know God exists?
Chapter 2: Divine Revelation
I. Revelation--to "reveal"
II. God reveals his existence through His creation and through the Bible
III. Jesus is the fullness of God's Revelation
Chapter 3: Creation
Read/Act Out Genesis 1-2
Chapter 4: God's Plan of Salvation
I. What did God promise Abraham in the covenant?
a. numerous descendants
b. promised land to live in
c. great blessings to be given to people through his descendants
Chapter 5:The Holy Prophet Moses
QOD: What is the story of Moses? Why is it so important?
Chapter 6: God's Special Spokesmen: The Prophets
I. 5 proofs of St. Thomas Aquinas:
1.First Mover--anything moved is moved by another. There must be a "first" mover
2. First Cause-- anything caused is caused by another. There must be a "first cause"
3. Necessary Being--Not everything is contingent. So there is a necessary being upon which others depend for existence
4.Greatest Being--Whatever is great to any degree gets it greatness from something who is greater---there has to be a being who is the source
5. Intelligent Designer--whatever acts for an end must be directed.
II. Revelation--what God has told us about Himself
1. Sacred Tradition--(oral)
2. Sacred Scripture--written, (The Bible)
III. Reason and Faith go together
a. Reason can tell us He exists
b. Faith allows us to believe in this
IV. Body and Soul
a. Body--physical, earthly
b. Soul--spiritual, unique, female/male, Intellect and Free will
Inanimate objects: Rocks,
Plants, Trees, etc.
We are unique
because God made
us to share in both
QOD: What do we know about God
when studying creation?
Act Out the Story of Creation--
God is outside the bounds of time
Draw a picture of all of the things that you see God has created
IV. The Church's job is to protect this revelation through--Magisterium-- Pope and Bishops--infallible on faith and morals (ONLY)
a. They pass fullness of the Truth--guided by HSP
V. Sacred "T"radition vs. "t"radition
a. T--doctrines--do not change--b/c they came directly from Jesus, ex. men as priests, sacraments
b. t--disciplines can change--ex. how long we fast, if priests can marry
VI. Faith--allows us to believe in God
NOT.... just an emotion, just a decision
IS...a rational consent of the will

V. Faith--referring to the truths of our beliefs
faith--our response
VI. Truth--there is an ABSOLUTE Truth
no relativism
The Bible:
Old Testament:
New Testament:
Acts of Apostles
Letters of St. Paul
Christian Letters
How do we know Jesus is God?
Miracles, authority, resurrection
reason and revelation
The Trinity
St. Maximilian Kolbe
II. 3 Truths about Creation:
1. God is the only God, who is Creator of all things
2. God created in an orderly way--to share goodness and love with man
3. Everything God created is good
I. God Created from NOTHING
Create a Mural of
all around you--or that you've seen that GOD has created, not man has made.
III. Man was...
created in God's image
given authority over animals, given the ability to name animals, etc.
Specifically, woman was...
the pinnacle of all creation,
last which showed she was "very good"
IV. Adam--"first man" called to protect
Eve--"mother of all living" called to nurture
Before and After the Fall
no sickness
infused knowledge
blurry vision-hard to know right and wrong
lack of harmony
spiritual death (until Jesus)
We NEED Grace!! This is what allows us to get to Heaven! This is what Jesus gave everyone of us when He died on the cross for us! He gave us the opportunity to receive the grace again! :)
V. God created humans with an intellect and a will--powers of the soul
1. intellect--ability to think and reason
2. will--ability to choose
9 choirs of angels
V. Angels
1. God created angels--pure spirits
2. those who chose to rebel against God were cast into hell--demons
3. Everyone has a guardian angel
4. Angels have and intellect and free will-but are spiritual not material
VI. Fall of Man
1. Original Sin inherited by all
a. effects--"before and after chart"
2. Redemption, Atonement, Salvation
a. Redemption--pay the price for something
b. reparation for sin
c. to be saved from sin for good
3. Man needed all three things:
a. only Jesus who was perfect could redeem man because he was of great value and perfect
b. Only Jesus could atone us and open the gates of Heaven because He was fully man and God
c. Only Jesus could save us because He did not have the tendence to sin (concupiscence) like us
Read Genesis 3--discuss, did man know rules, use free will? What were the roles? How did the serpent work? Was God just?
Activity: Split into groups and read about Abraham
Genesis 12
Genesis 13-14
Genesis 15-18
Genesis 21
Act out for class and explain story
What is the meaning of a new name?
--to show a change in mission, role, etc.
ex. baptism, confirmation, marriage, etc.
Sacrifice---Sacrum---holy, Facere--to make

read Genesis 22

Discuss Abraham attempting to sacrifice Isaac--what would you do?
Activity: Make a banner with a quote about Sacrifice:
"Love is not love until it hurts."--Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Covenant goes from Abraham-Isaac-Jacob--Joseph
a.God changes Jacob's name to Israel
b.He has 12 sons--the 12 fathers for the
12 tribes of Israel
Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Benjamin, Naph'tali, Asher, Dan, Gad, Joseph
How did Joseph exemplify love?
How can we learn from him?

Saved the Isrealites
Hebrews were slaves to Egyptiansled people to freedom through Red Sea
Gave people God's law
Led people to promised land

Saved all mankind
the Good Shepherd
We are slaves to sin
sets up free through waters of Baptism
fulfills God's law
leads people to Heaven
I.Moses Prefigures Jesus
II. God sent the 10 plagues upon Egyptians to show them He was the ONE TRUE GOD
A. Each of the plagues is against one of the "gods" of Egypt.
Ex. Hapi--Nile river god
Heqt--frog god/fertility
Aton--sun god/protector
Pharah himself
B. Plagues:
1. Nile river to blood
2. Frogs
3. Gnats
4. Flies
5. Sickness of Cattle
6. Boils
7. Hail--Fire
8. Locusts (grasshoppers)
9. Darkness
10. Death of 1st born son: PASSOVER
C. To survive the passover, God asked the Hebrews to take the purest lamb and eat it and put the blood over their door.
D. Passover---"meal, sacrifice"
E. PASCHAL MYSTERY--the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus are fulfillment of Passover
F. Exodus--is the flight from Egypt

Review the 10 commandments
Ark of the covenant--held the 10 commandments
Mary held Jesus in her womb
III. A sacrifice has three parts:
Jesus is the perfect sacrifice.
I. Prophets--prepare everyhing for God to come or for His message
a. Each prophet communicated through their own method.
b. Major: all wrote long texts

c. Minor: shorter texts
Split into groups and read the stories in book about
1. Elijah and Elisha
2. Isaiah
3. St. John the Baptist
Then present what you learned about their story
IV.Isrealites led to promised land by Joshua--Moses Successor (book of bible--Joshua)
a. God established judges to be leaders (book of bible--Judges)
b. Isrealites wanted a king-- (book of bible--1&2 Kings)
2.DAVID--(wrote the Psalms)
3.SOLOMON--had wisdom(found in wisdom book of bible)--his sin-many wives
c. all kings anointed with oil
1. oil-- a sign you were chosen by God
2. oils used now--Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick
3. 3 oils of Church--oil of catechumens (Baptism)
oil of sick (anointing of the sick)
oil of chrism (Baptism, Holy Orders, Confirmation)

V. After Solomon's Death:
a. Promised land split into two separate nations:
1. northern--Israel
2.southern--Judah (remanied faithful to God--from these people came Jesus)
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