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How football helemets have changed over time

football helmets

Anthony Foster

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of How football helemets have changed over time

How football helmets have changed
over time Chronological order 1896
Football helmets
were first made. 1939
Football helmets
were first required
after people were
getting hurt 1940
Players wore
leather helmets
they were more
protective 1950,s
Plastic helmets
were first made they are a lot more protective 1990,s
Helmets with padding in it were first made 2000,s
Most protective helmets were made ION 4D & Revolution Revo speed PRO DNA . Leather helmets Plastic helmets Problem Solution Many people playing football were getting
hurt because they were not wearing helmets.
In 1939 players were required to wear football
after players were getting better and getting hit
harder so then they didn't have as many head
injuries Leather helmet Plastic helmet Leather Plastic . More likely
to get hurt
faster with
a leather helmet. . P rotective Less likely
to get hurt faster
with a plastic
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