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Marketing Research: Definition, classification and six step framework. Problem definition.

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David Martín-Consuegra Navarro

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Marketing Research: Definition, classification and six step framework. Problem definition.

Definition, classification and six step framework.
Problem definition

Chapter Outline
Redifining Marketing Research
Clasification of Marketing Research
Management Information Systems Vs.
Decision Support Systems
Marketing Research Suppliers & Services
The function that links the consumer, the customer, and public to the marketer through INFORMATION
Definition of Marketing Research
A Classification of Marketing Research
Marketing Research Process
The Role of Marketing Research in Marketing Decision Making
Marketing Research and Competitive Intelligence
The Decision to Conduct Research
Marketing Research Suppliers and Services
Selecting a Research Supplier
Careers in Marketing Research
The Role of Marketing Research in MIS and DSS
Importance of Defining a Problem
The Process of Defining the Problem and Developing an Approach
Tasks involved in Problem Definition
Environmental Context of the Problem
Management Decision Problem and Marketing Research Problem
Defining the Marketing Research Problem
Components of an Approach
International Marketing Research
Ethics in Marketing Research

Marketing research is the sistematic and objective IDENTIFICATION, COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, DISSEMINATION and USE OF INFORMACIÓN for the purpose of improving decision making related to the IDENTIFICATION and SOLUTION of problems and opportunities in marketing
Problem-Identification Research
Problem-Solving Research
Research undertaken to help identify problems which are not necessarily apparent on the surface and yet exist or are likely to arise in the future.
Research undertaken to help solve specific marketing problems
Market Potential Research
Market Share Research
Market Characteristics Research
Sales Analysis Research
Forecasting Research
Business Trends Research
Segmentation Research
Product Research
Pricing Research
Promotion Research
Distribution Research
Criteria for Selecting a Research Suplier
Sindicated Services
Standardized Services
Customized Services
Internet Services
Field Services
Focus Groups & Qualitative Services
Technical and Analytical Services
Other Services
Careers in Marketing Research
Structured Problems
Use of Reports
Rigid Structure
Information Displaying Restricted
Can Improve Decision Making by Clarifying Data
Unstructured Problems
Use of Models
User Friendly Interaction
Can Improve Decision Making by Using “What if” Analysis
Data Preparation and Analysis
Fieldwork or Data Collection
Report Preparation and Presentation
Research Design Formulation
Development of an Approach to the Problem
Problem Definition
Marketing Research Process
The Problem
Definition Process
Problem Definition
Approach to the Problem
Research Design
Management Decision Problem: the problem confronting the decision maker. It asks what the decision maker needs to do.

Marketing Decision Problem: a problem that entails determining what information is needed and how it can be obtained in the most feasible way.
Objective/Theoretical Foundations
Analytical Model: Verbal, Graphical, Mathematical
Research Questions
Specification of Information Needed
Discussion with Decision Maker(s)
with Experts
Qualitative Research
Secondary Data Analysis
Tasks Involved
Context of the
The Problem Audit
History of the problem
Corporate culture
The Seven Cs of Interaction
Alternative courses of action
The information
that is needed
Potential actions
Past Information and Forecast
Resources and Constraints
Buyer Behavior
Legal Environment
Economic Environment
Marketing and Technological Skills
Management wants to (take an action)
Therefore, we should study (topic)
So that we can explain (question)
broad statement/specific components
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