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Moodle Introduction

An little different looking introduction to Moodle. @lasic

John Topp

on 25 July 2010

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Transcript of Moodle Introduction

M What is it? How does it work? What can you
use Moodle for? How to get it? A 'course' is the basic unit.
Imagine it as a community with There are 400+ Moodle compatible
modules, plugins, filters ... Not enough choices? select from a range of activies then repeat the process as it suits
YOUR community different roles different groups different permissions Turn editing 'on', example... for just about anything digital you want And the list grows ... Forum to discuss Wiki to collaborate Assignment to complete Choice to select Quiz to test Database to collect Chat to ... chat Glossary to build Resource to store Lesson to guide Blog to reflect Message to notify Calendar to organise Gradebook to evaluate Plus 400+
compatible tools all on a single secure and
flexible modular platform M is for modular! Each part of Moodle can: be added, edited, repeated ... have roles ... be tracked .... depending on roles be (un)locked open, completion,
payment, password,
time limit, attempts... Moodle can look nice! And comes in
72 languages ! Learning Management System (LMS)
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) but works best as Learning creation system for places
where people
learn 5 guiding principles We are all potential teachers as well as learners. We learn a lot by watching others. Understanding others transforms us. We learn well by creating and expressing for others. We learn well when the environment is flexible and adaptable to suit our needs. Free ! to download to use to share to improve 2010
34 million users
206 countries
72 languages created in Perth,
Western Australia by Martin Dougiamas Try and play at Moodle Demo Download from Moodle.org Have it hosted by a Moodle Partner More? http://moodle.org student
[you name it] and define it! Image credits:

Flat Classroom Skype

Boys in classroom_1093

Christiana Care Virtual Education Simulation Test Center (VEST)


Rob Rose

rachel test-driving solidworks on her new dell precision m90 laptop - _MG_9319
http://www.flickr.com/photos/seandreilinger/365608538/ Created by Tomaz Lasic
Twitter @lasic
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