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North Africa

No description

Seth Day

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North africa
by seth Polular Culture Government Physical Geography Visit Traditional People
Almost Libya lies within the Sahra and Libyan deserts. People that live in Libya are almost 200 miles from the Medetarian sea. People that follow Islam mostly speak Arabic. Live crowded on the costal line against the Medetarian sea.
No they will not survive in the 21st centery if they have a really bad sand storm. North Africa, Alantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean, the countrys that are bordering this region are Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. Mountains deaserts, Sahara desert, and Lubyan desert. The Atlas mountains. Meditarian, Steppe, and Desert. They have lines that recall wars against the US Marine Corps. This was in the early 1800s. Hajii Ammar has to clibs 101 steps to the top of the minaret. The majorreligion is muslim. No, because, I would not be able to understand them and would not like their culture. I coudl not live in a small town like theirs. I dont like their cloths wearing stuff that looks like dresses with a white rag on my head.
hey hey how is it giong

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