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kingo 6

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Ipad

Definition Using IPad in Education! zainab abdul kareem
sumaya noorulla Conclusion Why not let students use something that they are already interested in, it is a simple solution to get students motivated to learn.! Web-site link: Disadvantage @ Students may not concentrate or take care about teachers' instructions and comments. They only focus on the ipad.
--> "* to solve this we will have to increase the number of teachers in each class-room." Definition advantages is a tablet computer (slate) designed and marketed by Apple, which is built around the device's multi-touch screen. It can be used in many field according to the variety of applications that is had. 200904379
200913133 It bonds students thinking and imagination (Brain storming), So it will be difficult to create new things.
For some students using technology reduce their intellectual skills. @ Using ipad will affect student behavior
-->communication skills will decrease. @ Easy for carrying,
IPAD has small size
Objects and icons are manipulate on screen by touch multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard Technology is a great engagement tool for the classroom! @Make teaching easier for teacher: Steve Jobs Hands on instructions for class preparation. Post work sheets and the lectures on the blackboard or a web site easily. course management @ Increase student motivation because IPAD has applications for learning ,Therefore students achievement will increase. @ Access to online class-room
@ Access to media content
--> less effort to receive information's. If we give student the opportunity to learn and get information in easy way without paying any effort or thinking. Will they invent or create new thing in the future?!
Conclusion Outline: @ Affordable option [not too much cheap nor expensive]. @ Students can use it as
Text book
note book, for writing notes and solving work sheets -->Professional Development. @ It increase students
participation (Group working)
Being more active
connection to the real world
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