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World Religions

No description

Mallory Mattivi

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of World Religions

world Religions
An Introduction
Introduction to World Religions
- Monotheistic
1300 BCE in Canaan (Israel)
Holy Texts:
Torah and Hebrew Bible
14 million people (worldwide)
Types of Judaism:
Orthodox (Most Strict), Conservative, Reform (Least Strict)
Major Beliefs:
-There is only one God, who watches over and cares for his people.
-God loves and protects his people, but also holds people accountable for their sins and shortcomings.
- Persons serve God by studying the Torah and living by its teachings
Judaism At A Glance
- Monotheistic
- Began after Jesus' crucifixion in AD 29
- Founder: Jesus Christ and his Apostles such as Paul
- Leadership: Clergy (Priests, Pastors, Ministers, etc.)
- Holy Texts: The Bible
- Followers: 2 Billion Worldwide (Largest Religion)
- Symbol: The Cross
Christianity at a Glance
- Monotheistic
- Began between c. 610 and c. 613
- Founder: The Prophet Muhammad
- Leadership: No clergy (leadership in mosques).
- Holy Texts: The Qur'an
- Followers: 1.3 billion people worldwide (2nd most followed religion).
- Symbol: The Crescent
Persons achieve salvation by following the Five Pillars of Islam and living a just life. These pillars are: faith;
almsgiving, or charity to the poor; fasting, which Muslims perform during Ramadan; pilgrimage (to Mecca); and prayer.

Need to Know Definitions:

1. Religion: A set of beliefs that help people explain the world around them.
2.Monotheism: The belief in only one god.
3.Polytheism: The belief in more than one god.
Star of David
Islam: At a Glance
Hinduism at a Glance
- Polytheistic
- Began in 1250 BCE in India
- Founder: No one founder.
- Leadership: Guru, Holy Man, Brahmin Priest
- Holy Texts: No one holy book but holy texts such as the Vedas and the Puranas
- Followers: 900 Million Worldwide
- Beliefs:•
-The soul never dies, but is continually reborn.
-Persons achieve happiness and enlightenment after they free themselves from their earthly desires.
-Freedom from earthly desires comes from a lifetime of worship, knowledge, and virtuous acts
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