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Basic description of goats

Rhonda Hamby

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Goats

There are 5 categories of goats: Meat, Dairy, Fiber, Companion and Pack.
They all eat the same thing though.
Hay. Goats prefer leaves twigs and the seed tops of grasses. They do not eat EVERTHING! They are browsers not grazers. This is a load of alfalfa. Goddard Farm Dairy Goats LOVE alfalfa, TOTES!
Grain. This is Purina Goat Chow. Just like Dog Chow, you can buy this at the store. AND that is Goddard Farm Halo on the front. She is a famous goat.
Adult goats do not have any top teeth in the front. They have a full set of very sharp teeth in the back that are used for chewing and grinding. Part of their smelling sense is located in the top of their mouth.
Jamaican Jerk Goat, VERY spicy.
Mrs. Hamby making strawberry ice cream from raw whole goat milk.
Goddard Farm Raspberry on the milk stand. She is a 3 time Top 10 milker in the country.
Washed fleece, felt, and yarn.
Oh where is my hairbrush?
This is an Angora Goat
Companion goats can be any breed.
Goats have a 320 to 340 degree panoramic field of vision. There is NO sneaking up on them.

I see you!
goats get
to keep their horns.
Goats have four legs, and they know how to use them.
Tad and Willie Lincoln were known to drive their cart goats through the ground floor of the White House.

Hey girl, How do you like my goat skin gloves?
What you don't see are horns.
Goats were getting tattoos before it was cool.
Dis-budding iron
Horn Buds
Goats have 4 stomachs
And traction that shoe companies copy.
Nike Air Terra Humara, trail running shoe.
Goddard Farm Day Breaker
Goat Berries
GOaT milk?
In the days before Tupperware...
Goats have 2 teats, cows have 4.
Curds and Whey
I would like to thank these organizations
for granting permission of use:

American Boer Goat Association
Bellewood Gardens Farm
CCK Outfitters
Earth Dancers Pack Goat Co.
Goddard Farm Dairy Goats
Hen-Cam a Chicken Keeping Life
Kenny Farms
Mohair and More
National Geographic
Vice Media Inc.

Making cheese started in Poland 5,500 BCE
Cheese is drained in containers with holes, or cloth material with a loose weave.
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