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How did Caligula come into power?

No description

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of How did Caligula come into power?

Growing up
Growing up with his father being a miltary commander Caligula was well known by the soldies as he was growing up. As is father Germanicus became more and more poular with the people and soldiers of Rome, Tiberus feared any competition that might get in his way, so he oredered his best general commander poisend to death. After the death of his father, Caligula and his family returned to Rome, Tiberus, still under the impression that his family is a threat he immediately exiles both Caligulas mother and his brother onto a deserted island where his mother dies from starvation and is brother commites suicide Caligulas other brother is prisoned were he also starves to death. Tiberius allows Caligula to live, only becasue he is too young to be a threat.
Caligula seizes power
While having the support of the leader from the praetorian guards Caligula begins to strike. Emperor Tiberius falls ill at the age of 77, sources tell us that Caligula suffocated Tiberious in his sleep, and the praetorain guard leader Macro looks the other way. Macro orders the remaing praetorian guards to support Caligula as he is know to be their knew Emperor. Caligula and the praetorian guards return to Rome, where they stand before the Roman Senate. Caligula gives a speech to the seante which impreses them and they decided to give Caligula all the power that Augustus and Tiberius had wen they were emperor (previous emperors) eventhough he hasnt done anything to prove himself, becasue to them he is a fresh start for Rome. At the age of 24 he is know Emperor of Rome. little does Rome know, they are supporting one of the worlds most cruel tirents.
The Power of Money
Caligula was in luck when Tiberius speared his life. Caligula always kept his ears and eyes open at all time while living on the island of Capri. He won over everyones support and loyalty by buying it. He gave impressive and ingaging speeches to the senate which impressed them and made them have faith in him. In the end Caligula ruled Rome for only 1400 days, because by giving a 24 year old complete power over Rome he began turning on everyone and only did what pleased him.
Caligula was the third Emperor of Rome, Son of the greatly admired military commander Germanicus. Caligula was the nephew and adopted grandson of the second Roman Empero Tiberius who also adopted Germanicus. Caligula's sister was Agrippina (the younger) who's son was the 5th Emperor of Rome (Emperor Nero)and Caligula's Nephew. He also had 2 other sisters and his mother was also named Agrippina. He also had 2 brothers.

Caligulas family
Caligulas Groomnig
How did Caligula come into power?
When Caligula turned 17 Emperor Tiberius summons Caligula to is palace on the island of Capri. Tiberius comes to relise that becasue he is getting older he needs someone to take over the throne and be successful so he begins to train Caligula on being Emperor. Caligula was under close watch while living in Capri for 6 years but while he was being watced he was watcing everything around him aswell. Caligula becomes impatient with Tiberius so he keeps his eyes out for any chance to take over the throne. Caligula relized that he needs the loyalty of the praetorian guards these guards went were ever the emperor went and did anything the emperor told them to do. The leader of the praetorian guards at the time was Macro, Caligula assured Macro that in exchange for his loyalty and support he would give him high power and wealth when the time came for him to be Emperor. The praetorian guard agrees.
Island of Capri
Roman Senate
Caligula is know in power of Rome and all its wealth. He know needs everyone to be on his side, so he buys their loyalty. For the Praotorian guards he payes each guard 1000 sesterius and then with the advise of Macro, he doubles it. Caligula also gives the head of each family a cash gift (which is equivalent to $1000 today). He also needs the support of the Roman people, so he decides to climb to the top of Basilica Givela which is 60 feet high and begins throwing down coins at the people and as the people begin pushing and running to grab the money, Caligula is smiling at them at the top of the building. Once the money is all collected they begin clapping for their young Emperor. As for the senate, he went to them with a promise, that things would be different then the time that Tiberius was in power. Caligula burnt all the sources that Tiberius had against the senate and by him doing so the senate know love Caligula more than they did before. Caligula know has everyone supporting him.
Caligulas (Germanicus son)
Tiberius (adopted Germanicus and was Caligulas grand nephew and adopted grandson.
In the end it was 1400 days
Roman Money

As Caligula grew up around his fathers soldiers he got the nickname 'littleboots' and he hated the name but it stuck with him.
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