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The 22 Amendment of the Constitution

No description

Zarena Aziz

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The 22 Amendment of the Constitution

The 22 Amendment
By: Zarena aziz
Period 1

Life Impact!
The world without the Twenty-Second Amendment would be like a fish out of water.Without it Congress and the president could hold their seats till they die.Which can up rise a serious conflict, because who would be the next President and to much power from one person would be unfair and cause jealousy.Also, to much power from one person could change all the laws and when a new person comes and becomes President then people would protest and argue and cause crimes.
In conclusion, the 22nd Amendment stops Presidents from having more than 2 terms in office.If their was one person who was president for their entire life the whole codes of law could change and the world could be in total chaos.We have the right to vote a new president to voice our opinion against the wrongs or dislikes we have that the president does. So, in life as we come down to it, the 22nd Amendment is a very serious part of our Country and our lives!!!
The Basic Principles of the 22 amendment is to stop a President or any other high officials from having more then 2 terms of presidency in their life time.Also to let citizens vote the president or other official they want.
Basic Principles
This Political cartoon means that one person wants this amendment to be removed from the constitution and that he wants Barack Obama running for presidency again.The symbolism of this picture is that if they repeal the 22nd amendment then Obama will run forever and no one will be able to run unless he dies.So, that's when Joe Biden gets to run as president for as long as he wants.
Political Cartoon & Bias/Symbolism!!
Modern Day example!
A modern day example of the Twenty-Second amendment would be Barack Obama's Inauguration for First and Second term.Or other presidents like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.All of them had only two terms and Eight years to serve.But before, Franklin D. Roosevelt got four terms.The reason for his Third term was because of 1940, which was that the US had just emerged from the Great Depression, and Hitler was threatening Europe.The reason for the Fourth amendment was because in 1944, changing leaders in the middle of World War 2, which the United States was now fully engaged in, also seemed unwise.But the difference is that all the other presidents got 2 terms.
Right's Importance!
The 22nd Amendment was made because Congress was afraid that without limits in the presidential office, the president might become some sort of dictator. This is important today because a disliked president George W. could still be in office.That could lead our country into another Economical depression or Bills and taxes and other things could rake up and cause total downfall.
More Pictures!!
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