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Object Sorting System

Final Year Project Object Sorting System on the basis of its color using image processing and PLC

Khurram Shahxad

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Object Sorting System

Project Adviser:
Mr. Moaaz Rauf Nizami

Group Members:
Khurram Shahzad (2009-MC-27)
Umair Raza (2009-MC-42)
Ahsan Khalid (2009-MC-49) Object Sorting System Object Sorting System Color Based Object Sorting System Color Based Object Sorting System Different objects can be sorted according to their

etc Color Based Object Sorting System Introduction The Proposed System Questions and Answers Project Presentation The proposed project is a Color Based Object Sorting System capable of sorting objects based on their color.
The object will be placed on the conveyor belt at the feed-end while there will be bins reserved for each color on the other end of the conveyor belt.
A sensor (camera) will be installed at the top of the conveyor belt to take picture of the object.
After suitable processing the object will be dropped into its respective bin. The overall layout of the proposed system is shown Color Based Object Sorting System Block Diagram Processor Camera Proximity
Sensor Optical
Encoder DC Motor Actuator Color Based Object Sorting System Camera Camera is actually used as a color sensor in the project
It will take picture of every incoming object and will forward it to processing unit
After suitable image processing actuating signal will be produced
Image processing instead of color sensors is used for learning purpose Color Based Object Sorting System Proximity Sensors Proximity sensors are used to detect the position of the object
These sensors will detect whether the object is beneath camera
Further more, used to detect whether the object has approached the actuator Color Based Object Sorting System Optical Encoder Shaft The purpose of adding an optical encoder shaft is to remain informed about the speed of conveyor belt
By simple calculations, the distance of object and time it takes to move from feed end to the select and drop system can also be calculated Color Based Object Sorting System Processor PLC is used to control the process of actuating select and drop system
A laptop computer will be used for image processing of the objects Color Based Object Sorting System DC Motor DC motor is used to drive the conveyor belt
It will be controlled using a PLC Color Based Object Sorting System Actuators
(Select-&-Drop System) On the basis of suitable processing actuating is produced and sent to the select-&-drop system
Actuators will drop the object in their respective bins Color Based Object Sorting System 2-D Animation 2-D animation showing the working mechanism of the project Final Year Project Object Sorting System An ingenious system controlled by a microcontroller or a PLC for sorting different objects Color Based Object Sorting System Work Plan Color Based Object Sorting System Scope Object sorting is a useful mechanism in many industries After fabrication and testing and further improvements, this project can be produced on mass scale to be implemented in varies industries like
Food and Beverage
Machinery parts
Vehicle and engine parts
etc Strategy of work to be done throughout the year to fabricate the final year project Goal Brain Storming Introductory
Presentation 2nd
Presentation 3rd
Presentation Final
Presentation Component
Selection Mechanical
Design Fabrication &
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