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Why Me ?

Interview Presentation

Jonathan Hawkins

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Why Me ?

Past Father was an Aeronautical Engineer and a greeat insperation Always Fixing things Why I became an
Engineer Interested in Science Career path Continental Can Electrical Technician Apprenticeship Shift Engineer Defence Evaluation & Research Agency Facilities Engineer Applications Engineer Project Leader Manually Dexterous Basic Engineering
Technical Drawing- Manual and Autocad LT
Industrial Electrics , Single 3-phase and control
Sheet metal work Robot Maintenance
Reacting to Breakdowns
Fault Finding with Pressurised repair times with £1000 per minute losses
Quick thinking
Able to improve PLC programming skills
Ideas Scheme Champion, Saving upto £100k in Downtime Project Engineering
Facility Maintenance
Running reliability tests Retro Fitting Electrical Components to Rolls Royce Spey engine
Worked on Projects joining the teams from BMW & NASA
Mechanical Fitting of Prototype Aircraft Exhausts Designed to reduce noise pollution Technical Support
Sales Driven Targets
Product selection to support customers Projects
Design customers solutions promoting Sales
Provide Sales Team with Warm Leads for Larger Projects
Fault Finding (over the phone, quite a challenge)
Part of award winning "Intellicare Project" Project Management
Taking Charge of Projects from Cradle to Grave
Working to tight Budgets and Deadlines
Working on multiple projects Simultaneously
Electrical and Mechanical design
Purposfully specify new systems to push Prototype Design
Personally designed product solution for "Scotia Gas Networks"
Use AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL Why I want to progress Want to make a mark Want to change direction but don't want to forget my past Want to prove myself Why me ? I am striving to make a name for myself.
Having gained so much positive experience from my previous roles
I now have a good understanding of where my strengths and passions lie. I thoroughly enjoy forming and building relationships and know first hand that this plays a huge part in winning orders.

I can rely on my engineering experience to converse with current and future customers on a technical level. Gaining respect and customer confidence will lay good foundation for building trusted relationships which are vital for any sales potential. Channel marketing requires the need to adapt and tailor training and sales packages, depending on the distributors motivations and competancies. My flexible, hard working attitude to work combines perfectly with Man and Machine's ethics to supply fast, precise and personable service to its customers. I have worked across a broad range of industries and departments as such I have learnt to understand the varied duties and pressures of different job roles. This allows me to recognise where people can be pushed and when they are really at the limit.This empathy for peoples roles and responsibilities has helped me to understand who exactly can get things done. This has enabled me to be efficient and as proactive as possible which in turn helps the team meet targets and deadlines. Personal
reasons I have many reasons for wanting to work for Man & Machine so to try and steer clear of the usual clichés...
...I am very ambitious and feel that my true potential lies in technical sales. I really want to use my strengths and unleash my full potential. Working life takes up such a large percentage of your lifetime and I am currently unhappy in my job. I don't feel I am being utilised to my full potential and I am constantly battling to justify improvements to the department to increase sales. I fear that Crowcon's future is somewhat limited and thus so must mine be whilst I am there

From my brief visit to Man and Machine, seeing the young and vibrant workforce, I can already feel we could both benefit from me being employed here. I am no stranger to hard work, proving myself over long night shifts and unsociable hours. I will give 100% to Man and Machine and all I ask is that my efforts be treated with fair reward. Present Future When I work for M&M 3 Month Plan Fresh Start Enthisiasm Drive Commitment Success
High Speed Industry
Breakdown Pressures
12 Hour Day / Night shifts Product Audit Exsisting
Client Review Company
Objectives Target
analysis Full portfolio of offering
Strength & weaknesses
Unique Selling Points Current problems/challenges
Future objectives Identifying prospects
Identify their current challenges
Identifying their Future objectives 2011 targets & objectives
Areas for growth & development Highlights all of the product benefits that should be communicated

Identifies the product offerings that can be matched to the clients challenges and objectives

Highlights opportunities for product development within the market place

Shows where existing client numbers & potential client growth meet financials targets for the year Review and Analyse Identify Implement a sales strategy that achieves growth, added value & inputs into marketing In all, the first three months I am prepared to be exceedingly busy. Coupled with the sales areas I have identified in the table above, I will relentlessly be learning the in's and out's of Autocad Electrical. Hopefully with some expert guidance from Ebbe.

I hope that this short presentation hes helped you to see that I am a worthy candidte for the role. That I have the desire to get out there and win business and that I hope it demonstrates just how much I want to join the team here at Man and Machine

Thank you Questions ? Why Me? To Present
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