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Jasmine Corbett

on 7 February 2013

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COM 101 FILES COM 101 FILES So your next speech is due IN TWO WEEKS, which really is a good amount of time to work on it. However, as you notice the due date is quickly approaching, some of you are in a PANIC!! Make sure you have a hard copy of the Informative Speech Handout;
Attempt to get the harder source FIRST (this may be different for each student);
Brainstorm your speech first before trying to finalize what you want to say;
Take each main point one step at a time-make sure it is flushed out the way you want it before moving on to the next point;
Make sure you pay attention to any notes I wrote on your outline-you want to earn all ten points;
If you need help with Power Point/Prezi, make sure you make an appointment with your Instructor or stop by SSC;
Think of how you want at least one of your slides to be dedicated to your professional color;
Review your notes about how to do a proper Introduction and Conclusion; and
Practice, Practice, Practice in front of a mirror to work on your nonverbal skills. JCWARREN FILES All the Effective Language Uses you have gathered today must be included in your outline by bolding AND underlying the term(s).
You must have a Bibliography section on your outline in MLA format. The following FREE site offered by North Carolina State University is an excellent tool to use to create an appropriate citation: www.lib.ncsu.edu/citationbuilder/
For the remainder of the day you are use this as lab time to work on an outline. Your work today will be an Assignment Grade. You must show me a copy AND then you will sign in for being in class today. Remember, the outline MUST be typed so you will need to go to the Success Center or a free lab.
A sample of the outline is under Doc Sharing on our ECompanion page. Use Familiar Words Concrete words refer to tangible objects-people, places, and things. They differ from abstract words which refer to general concepts, qualities, attributes (and I have asked you NOT to include). Use Concrete Words Using Language Effectively Means You Must Be: HOW SHOULD YOU MAP OUT YOUR "TO-DO" LIST? Today Students Will Learn: Accurate
Appropriate The definition of Nonverbal Communication;
The various components that are a part of nonverbal communication;
Why nonverbal communication is important in an interview setting;
How nonverbal communication and delivery are related; and
Understanding how perception and appearance have a huge impact on nonverbal communication. NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE: MASTERING THE FINAL COMPONENTS OF AN INFORMATIVE SPEECH! But all is not lost. You can STILL get organized and add some great finishing touches to your next speech! First, you will need to make sure you understand AND master the art of NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION.
Second, you need to incorporate excellent language into your speech. Remember, the Informative Speech must be accurate, clear, meaningful, and interesting. A large portion of this can ONLY be achieved through great language use.
Third, you should take all of these steps described today, previous weeks, and on the handout and ORGANIZE your thoughts. What is Nonverbal Communication and why is it important? According to Stephen E. Lucas, author of the text, "The Art of Public Speaking," nonverbal communication involves nonverbal stimuli in a communication setting that is generated by both the source (speaker) and the receiver (listener). It is both intentional and unintentional, which can cause some problems. How can nonverbal communication cause problems in communication scenarios? Nonverbal communication includes the following:
Facial expressions
Intonation/vocal inflections
Eye Contact
Chronemics (time)
Kinesics (body language/movement For your speech, you want to remember the following when it comes to Nonverbal Communication:

Stand tall and in control;
Make sure you avoid distractions, such as hair in face, noisy bracelets, and visible tattoos;
Be on time;
Have all your equipment in order-make sure you have a copy of your power point on a USB AND EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF;
Don't hold on to the computer station for dear life (refer back to point three); and
Dress nice and appropriate for the occasion. It is understandable that ALL of this can seem a bit much, especially dress requirements. However, it is the world we live in. We are often judged by our physical appearance from attractiveness level, height, ethnicity/race, gender, to the clothes we choose to wear. This is known as PERCEPTION and as unfair as it is, WE ALL USE IT EVERYDAY. Perception is the translation of sensory impressions into a coherent and unified way. It is however guided by incomplete and unverified information and unfortunately guides human behavior in general. And if we do it in our EVERYDAY world, surely you must know that it is done consistently, and oftentimes unfairly in the corporate world. Non-profit organizations like Dress for Success help men and women come up with professional ensembles for the workplace. Based on their research, be careful when choosing certain colors to wear for a job interview setting:

Red for a woman shows she is too assertive, and difficult to get along with.
Blue is a sign of loyalty and often respected by potential employers.
Green is masculine and a good color for men to wear.
Purple is romantic and a woman may come across as a bit naive.
Black is a sign of submission, which is always a safe choice.
White is a sign of purity and innocence, but if your communication color is orange and you are interviewing in a primarily orange environment, most likely not the best choice.
Yellow is too difficult of a color for your observer to take in. it is loud and requires too much activity of the eyes. AGAIN, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DRESS UP FOR THIS NEXT SPEECH. HOWEVER...YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO LOOK APPROPRIATE AND TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE RESEARCH YOU LEARNED TODAY. When using words Accurately, you must make sure you are saying the correct thing. Mark Twain said, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." Look at the words "Education," "Knowledge," and "Expertise." Roughly, these three words mean the same thing, but each word has a different shade of meaning. Let's look:

Because he won a scholarship to a top university, Enrique received an excellent _______________.

Sophia acquired her ___________ of chinese history by reading a number of books on the subject.

Ebony's _________ as a business consultant comes from having worked with many clients over the years. You should not assume that what is clear to you is clear to your audience. Listeners will not be able to open a dictionary while you are talking, so they will need to immediately know the meaning of your words. When writing your speech, follow the advice of many scholars: You can never go wrong by speaking in short words of common usage instead of trying to overly persuade your audience that you are indeed intelligent. Hip-hop often gets negative commentary for being too sexual, provocative, and an advocate for violence. While that may be true for some songs/lyrics, there are actually some songs that do an excellent job of dodging these labels. In addition, Hip Hop can be an excellent tool to teach the importance of concrete language. While looking at the example of the song I will provide, I want you to write on a sheet of paper, FIVE examples of concrete language. Use Language Vividly Imagery is an excellent tool for using vivid language. Imagery is the use of words to paint a picture in the listener's mind. While listening to the following song, what images do you see that the artist was trying to convey? Imagery can take the form of personification, similes, and metaphors. Putting It All Together In Your Outline If you need help, I'm here ALL WEEK in Office 213.1. Tuesday, we have training ALL DAY, but feel free to leave an email or a message at 704-357-5898. GOOD LUCK!! But BEFORE we get started, ALL CELL PHONES must be put on vibrate and preferably removed from your desk as we conduct our Nonverbal Discussion. If I see you on it during class time, nonverbally, I will assume you are not paying attention and therefore deduct points from your grade. You are IN CLASS, so therefore, make sure you make the most of your time! THANKS! If people make unfair perceptions of us based on our gender, race/ethnicity, clothes, hair, weight, height, etc., how can we overcome these negative perceptions and RISE ABOVE their expectations?
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