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Analysis of Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets


Arthiga Vimalweswaran

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets

Technical Language
They say Mr Brooks is a 'qualified mechanical engineer and pilot' which gives us the impression he is experienced when in reality he has no control or knowledge over the situation. Continually the author boasts about 'the pair' by making reference to their trip at the Zambezi river to make them sound courageous. The list of exotic locations creates some sense of expertise but, given the frequent disasters, this begins to come across as excessive or eccentric - especially the honeymoon – suggesting he has a strange predilection for danger and is disaster-prone.
Contradictory Praise
To inform the reader on how Tax money has been wasted.

To entertain the audience using the author's views and connotations.
The article's author criticises the two pilots a lot. When describing the situation, they say their last expedition ended 'in a farce'. By using this language he mocks them and makes reference to it being a joke. In addition they jest further with the use of sarcasm. By them mocking the phrase "trusty helicopters" a sense of irony is depicted seeing as their journey in the helicopters results in a crash. Furthermore they seem to not believe what their real intentions were for the journey as the word 'claims' is often used to display disbelief.
Critical language
The Author's View
Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets rescue bill
The newspaper article is very informative and it uses many technical terms. For example they use language such as 'R44 has a single engine', which is not common knowledge. The backup from an expert supports the writer, and makes the article and the writer side sound more reliable. The recurring use of technical information makes the writer sound knowledgeable in contrast to
the ‘boys’.

He strongly believes the two explorers are unprofessional, and throughout the text, undermines their credibility; and mental state.
He also believes they lack in necessary skills to perform these expeditions.
As seen throughout the text, he proves his point using biased opinions, hyperbole and emphasizes the waste of resources (planes, money etc...).
The Title
'' Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets rescue bill ''
The title ridicules the 'explorers' and makes them seem immature through the use of 'boys'. The first sentence can be considered as a rhetorical question, contrasting the two figures. The second sentence reflects the result of their behavior to their readers (the Taxpayers).
The reference to the reader is an attempt engaged them and making it clear that they have a stake in this issue.
Two British explorers called Steve Brooks and Quentin Smith went on an expedition which nearly ended tragically when their small four-seat helicopter was plunged 100m off shore in the hostile environment of Antarctica. Their helicopter fails and they are forced onto their life-raft where they are later rescued by a Naval Ship. During their rescue many people were disturbed and tax payers had to pay to aid the rescue unwillingly.
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