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Day of the Dead

Created by: Nick Douglas, Jacob Allen Whitney, Colin Sherden, and Evan Vick

Nick Douglas

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Day of the Dead

Created by
Nick Douglas, Jacob Whitney,
Colin Sherden, and Evan Vick Day of the Dead Altares Flores Cemeterios Calacas and Calaveras Day of the Dead celebrations have been traced back to Pagan culture. The modern Day of the Dead celebrations fall on the ninth month of the Aztec Calendar. These festivities are dedicated to the Lady of the Dead. People build these private altars and say their prayers, their intent is to encourage visits by the souls. They want the souls to hear the prayers and comments they give them. Also the souls of children are believed to come back on November 1st and adult souls come back on November 2nd. Both mean skeleton or skull, the Calacas (skeletons) are for remeberence of loved ones they lost and the Calaveras are sugar skulls for eating. Historia Historia Celebrations on the 1st and 2nd are related to the catholic holidays of All souls day and all Saints day. Day of the dead celebrations start on the 31st of October, but don't end until the 2nd of November. Left over food is placed by the grave sites. November 1st is the day they celebrate deceased infants and children. November 2nd is celebrated to remember the deceased adults. People go to cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed . Graves are decorated and the cemetery is lit up with candles next to the graves. Recuerdos de los muertos Altars are decorated with flowers and especially the marigold flower. Means remembering the dead. Other than just remembering, they also celebrate the life they had by creating special Altares, and decorating the cemetarios awesome presentation...
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