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Storybook: 3.02 United States History

No description

Yesenia Puig

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Storybook: 3.02 United States History

Storybook : 3.02
The building of the Panama Canal

The first attempt at building the Panama Canal was by Ferdinand De Lesseps. After not being prepared for the climate the project went bankrupt. Later on President Roosevelt took over the project in 1902 when congress passed the Spooner Act which approved the purchase of the French company's assets and building of the canal. After given the right to take over the project they still dealt with many incidents. Panama went independent and then signed a treaty, Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty, with the United States stating we could build the canal. Later on throughout the project they had to deal with a jungle filled mountainous region with high temperature, unstable soil and rock, the Chagres River which rose and flooded the area.
Accurate Details
The building of the Panama Canal began in 1904 and was not finished until 1914. It took 40,000 people working on the canal at once. At the end of the project 5,000 workers died of disease and accidents. This ended up costing the United States $375 million. The canal ended up officially opening for shipping in August of 1914.
Complete control and governance of the canal belongs to Panama. The Panama Canal is now one of the most important human-made waterways in the world. It is very important to the trade between eastern United States and Asia.
All information on the building and the Panama Canal are from the 3.02 United States History lessons. The picture on slide two is from the lessons as well. The rest of the pictures are from google images, search related to panama canal and routes before the panama canal was build.
Why was it build?
The Panama Canal was build because it was a useful tool to help connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This ended up helping speed up cargo shipping and increase global trade. Because the Panama Canal was build it helped the ships get to locations much faster then before when they would have to migrate around South America.
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