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AIT Myanmar MBA (2013) Student Dairy

No description

Ye Wana

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of AIT Myanmar MBA (2013) Student Dairy

BBM (2011)
MBA (2013)

"Eating is the best
art of overall."

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Hnin Nwe Oo
Ei Ei Thu
Tha Zin
Aye Aye Aung
Ye Wana Hlaing
Saw Minn Wai
B. Pharm

Quote by Tha Zin
"Cover your eyes with glasses. Nobody know where are U looking at."
B. Agr.

Only one student from Mon ethnic.

" Never stand on both sides. "

"Speak something whatever right or wrong, everyone will look at U"
Gold mentalist in LCCI
Youngest MBA students among 59 students over 10 countries.

" Never let hungry yourself"
B. Pharm

" To gain a good idea, U need enough sleep for dreaming"
AIT Myanmar MBA (2013) Student Dairy
Khin Aye Tun
B.E (IT)

" Traveling make U free
from stress,
empty your wallet"
Lin Win Thein
B.E (Aero)

"Genius can learn
everything from special
one by staying inside his room."
Shwe Thein
B.A (Eng)

"Do whatever U want, go wherever U want, just need to post on FB by saying miss U honey"
Ei Ei Mon
B.E (IT)

"Ability to use facebook with laptop, tablet & phone is unique strength"
Thet Su Aung
M.B., B.S

"My inspiration is First- Doctor, Second-Business-lady, what-else traditional dancer "
Zin Mar Tun

"Silence is not gold, it's diamond"
Nan Oo Piam

Only one Tai ethnic in Class.

" Studying = Student + Dying"
B.A (Academic English)

Only one Kayar ethnic.

"Action speak loader than words"
Win Myat Haymar

"Music & Traveling is unique one
make U relax"
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