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The hero's Journey: The Princess Bride

No description

Brenna Larsen

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The hero's Journey: The Princess Bride

By Brenna Larsen The Hero's Journey: The Princess Bride Call to Adventure Westley leaves to seek his fortune. Crossing the Threshold This is where Westley gets on the boat to sail away and to start his new life. Challenges and Temptations During this stage, Westley endures... The Abyss This is the lowest point in the entire journey. It is where the hero feels that he/she should give up! For Westley, this was when the Count took him to the zoo of death and electrocutes him. Companions But, to his luck, Westley's friends help him and he survives. His friends are... The Transformation This is when Westley survives his near death experience. A part of this transformation is the revelation. A part of Westley dies so that his new self can be born. He also realizes what his talisman was. It was his sword fighting skills and his wit, which also help him conquer the kingdom. Climbing the Cliffs of Insanity, Fencing with the world's best Swordsman, Wrestling a giant, And finally, outsmarting a mastermind! Threshold guardian: Pirate Roberts Weird upbringing: Westley was a farm boy with no father. Fezzik- Inigo- The Atonement This is where the character is at one with his new self. This is when Westley wins against the kingdom and takes Buttercup back. After this, the magical flight takes place and it is when Westley and his friends ride the white horses home triumphantly. The Return to the Known World This is when Westley returns to everyday life, but now Buttercup is his wife and he starts a new life for himself. The gift he receives is a kiss from his new wife, Buttercup.
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