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Industry Growth Agenda

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Industry Growth Agenda

Industry Growth Agenda
Bi-weekly training - one week is PC's, next is TL's and so on
One PC/TL will go to breakfast/lunch with mike during this week and it will be handled as a rotation
Be prepared to discuss objections, marketing calls and continuing strategies to grow your industry
Goals & Rewards
To Be Determined
Growing Your Industry
Adding Companies to IND: Filtration WW, IND: HVAC or IND: Robotics - Laura & PCs
Making sure that all lists are up to date - Laura
Exploring LinkedIn and Name Gathering - Laura, PCs and Interns
Actively using IND lists to make weekly marketing e-mails on candidates
Keeping on track with responding to the e-mails, picking up the phone
If you don't have a candidate, do a system search, ask TL's and PC's at meetings
Responding to E-Mails
Interested in the Candidate - pick up the phone and SOD your candidate
Another opening - pick up the phone and set up a JO
Remove from database - UNSUBSCRIBE - 13 in e-mail address slots
Any other responses - PICK UP THE PHONE
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