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Apple Watch

No description

Clay Cable

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Apple Watch

What is a Apple Watch?
An Apple Watch is essentially an iPhone on your wrist. You can message, call, and Even send animations and taps or Morse Code to people.
How much will it cost
The watch will cost anywhere from $300 to $600, depending on what kind you get. So save up your piggy bank.
How do you work an Apple Watch?
Like most watches you use the crown on the watch except with the Apple Watch there is a few exceptions. You would use the Digital Crown for zooming in and out of view and it is the home button.
Other Cool Features
Apple Watch also has a new feature just recently released on iPhone 6, called Apple Pay. So you can say goodbye to your credit card, and hello to the new generation of awesomeness.
The Apple Watch is revolutionizing the way you touch your devices. It has touch sensors so it knows if someone different on your watch and it has a feature using a bunch of fancy science stuff to distinguish the difference between a light tap and a deep press.
Calling and Texting
The Apple Watch brings a new idea on staying with contact with family and friends. If your someone important texts you than you can hold up your hand to read it or if it is from someone not as important to you than you can lower your arm to dismiss it.
Apple Watch
By Clay Cable
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