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Employbility Presentation

No description

Yuan Wang

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Employbility Presentation

Jingyun Peng
Shuo Xing
Xiaochen Dong
Yuan Wang
Cong Li
Gongzan Xue
Huilan Shi
Hui Ye
Training Program
New Training, New Generation
We provide creative training programs for
Bring the
into the company.
Two people form a group, one is describer, the other is guesser.

Step 1

Pick randomly from the box, which
indicates three ways of expression, lip
language, body language, and drawing.

Step 2.

Pick a word card and choose one word
from the three words provided, using
the chosen way in Step 2 to describe
the word to your partner.

Step 3

Time limit is
one minute
per word. If
the guesser correctly name the word
within one minute, the describer will
quickly pick another card and follow
the same process.

Step 4
How To Win?!
The class is going to divide into three zones, which means there are three teams playing at the same time.
Whichever team get the most correctly guessed word wins!

Guess What?!
What skills have we developed?

Body Language
Lip Language
Three Ways of Expression
Communication helps you survive!

Now, we need three volunteers!
secret reward
is waiting for the winning team!

Feedback Session
Did you enjoy the game?
Are you satisfied with your performance during the game?
What do you think about your partner’s reaction in the game?
Would you develop an alternative strategy if you play the game again?

What Are We Trying To Develop?
The game extends the mutual understanding and synergy ability of the participants. New generations like after 90’s tend to communicate with others via virtual methods, like social network and online chats. So we are trying to develop the

, encouraging trainees to integrate with each other without the physical distance, and cultivate cultures of
within an organization or company.

Team Work!!!
Thank you!
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