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JobShuk Site Creation: Example 1 (w/ text)

Watch as we construct as fully-featured media sharing site in just a few steps on JobShuk.com

Zvi Landsman

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of JobShuk Site Creation: Example 1 (w/ text)

Specs: Forum-like site
Visitors publish content
Text, images, videos

Sidebar contains:
Site Description
PayPal Donate button
Newsletter Signup
Show Popular Posts Come see how easy it is to set up a feature-rich website at Here's how we want the final result When you log in and go to the site's Dashboard,
you'll see the Easy Admin, where you can perform
all of the site's day-to-day administrative tasks Click here to access the Advanced Dashboard
for more Setup options Click "Pro" to see
your upgrade options If you're not yet familiar
with WordPress,
don't be intimidated!
You'll soon find that it's
easy to use, and
we'll walk you through the
important screens now. You can upgrade now if you know you want the extended features of a Pro account,
or you can return any time to turbo-charge your site (cheap!) These are the main features we want,
and the reason we'll upgrade to Pro,
but we may find ourselves using some
Pro Plugins too! Themes give us the look-and-feel of our site, and often provide us with features beyond the standard site or blog, without Activating any Plugins We selected the P2 theme because it perfectly matches our specs for this project There are a number of standard settings you can modify
to tweak the basic site functionality JobShuk Sites are configured out-of-the-box for websites (using Pages) with an optional blog attached (using Posts).
If we want the primary functionality of our P2 theme on the Front Page, we need to modify this setting as you see here.
If you find your site not behaving as you expect, there's a wealth of resources online, or just ask our friendly support staff. We've hand picked the best Plugins available for inserting the most commonly requested features to any site.
Here are the Active Plugins in use for this site. From this screen, we drag-and-drop the Widgets we want inserted into our Sidebar, and adjust the settings by clicking the down-arrow next to the item. For example, we paste the HTML code from PayPal for the Donate button right into a Text Widget. We can return to our Settings pages to further customize our new Plugins.

And that's it!
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