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No description

Jessica Kingsbury

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Vowels

Vowels Hi! My name is Glen the giraffe and I want to teach you all about vowels! Are you ready to learn? First, let's learn a song about vowels! There was a class in Kindergarten
That knew their vowel letters
a e i o u
a e i o u
a e i o u
There are five vowel letters. First, let's learn a song about vowels! Now that you know the names of the vowels, do you want to know why I like vowels so much? I like vowels because they are really important for reading. You can find a vowel in almost every word! What vowels do you see in these words? is
her the
what cat
bit How cool is that!? Now that you know why I love vowels. I do have some sad news to tell you. Vowels are really cool, but they're also the trickiest letters. Let's look at the sound "a" makes in these words. cat
all and
make want
away That a is way too tricky! It can be really hard to remember all of the different sounds that vowels make. For now, we're going to focus on the short vowel sounds. These are the sounds that vowels usually make in the middle of CVC words, like "cat" or "big." Let's listen to two songs about vowel sounds. I hope you had fun learning about vowels with me! Keep up all of your hard work!
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