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Best Foot Forward By: Joan Bauer

No description

Hailey Tangum

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Best Foot Forward By: Joan Bauer

Best Foot Forward

By: Joan Bauer

Green Hat
The creativity of this book just about broke the scale! Jenna is caught in a shoe store crisis and worries that she will not please her boss. She finds out that her company's #1 shoe brand is a fraud! Gladstone Shoe Industries doesn't make shoes in the U.S. at all. With all that Jenna is going through she now also has to find out what's really happening.

White Hat
Jenna discovers that there is a mysterious Plant 427 in Gladstone Shoe Industries. She is afraid her discovery could lead to a disaster. As she tries to find out what the plant really is, she is led to the conclusion that Plant 427 is really overseas! This goes against everything Gladstone Shoes believes in. Gladstone Shoes is suppose to make all the shoes they sell in the U.S.! The terrible news spreads and it is the biggest shoe catastrophe world wide!
Blue Hat
“You would not believe what happened to me,” my sister says looking at herself in the mirror.
I expect she is going to tell me anyways, so I don’t even respond.
“I met my number one idol Blair Viance, a supermodel who happened to be in town,” she says casually.
“You want to know who my idol is?,” I say. I am not waiting for a response, so I add, “A 76 year-old woman who is three feet shorter than me and has a bad hip!”
My sister stares at me with her mouth forming a wide O.
Best Foot Forward
In this book I find real life happenings, such as fraud and friendships. When I think about the theme of the book, I can see that the theme is to work hard and be honest to achieve goals. Other than a critique, this is one of my favorite books!
Yellow Hat
"Best foot forward," Mrs. Gladstone said to me. "What does that mean to you?"
I smiled. "My grandma used to say that to me every year on the first day of school. She'd tell me to put my best foot forward and try to do my best."
"I would have liked your grandmother."
"You would have, Mrs. Gladstone. She was a pistol." I grinned. "Like you."
- Best Foot Forward
by Joan Bauer

Black Hat
Red Hat
What I like about the book is that the main character, Jenna Boller, always expresses herself and feels confident in others around her. Jenna reaches out to help others even when she is unsure if she is making the right choice. This book is one of a kind!
Jenna's life is flipped upside down when she helps a teenage boy find his trustworthy side. After the boy is caught stealing shoes right off the rack, Mrs. Gladstone, Jenna's boss, wants to give him a second chance. Jenna is assigned to show him how to work at a busy shoe store. Eventually, the boy becomes trustworthy and stops stealing.
Jenna's boss is her idol. Mrs. Gladstone is a courageous, headstrong and sturdy woman with a big heart. She finds the best in people no matter what they have done to her or her shoe shop. Jenna admires her because she looks for the truth and kindness that lies inside of us. I wish Mrs. Gladstone was a real person but I admire her anyway.
The only thing I find wrong with this book is too much use of dialogue. Although dialogue is used to tell the story, I would love to hear how she thinks other people feel.
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