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Heather Kipnis

on 20 December 2015

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Transcript of Topic

Connecting to the season of Spring, imagine sounds of rustling leaves. This element is attributed to the body's Defense system and teaches us about flexibility
Corresponds to Autumn, as the Leaves begin to Fall, We develop the Courage to Let Go. Connected to the Respiratory System, this Element teaches us about Discernment.
Through Relaxtion
Transforming Courage out of Grief
Corresponds to the Late Summer Season, where energy is neutral. This element works through the Digestive System, nourishing and cleansing our food as well as our emotions.
Through Openness
Transforming Empathy out of Worry
Through Acceptance Transforming Hatred Into Joy
Through Awareness
Transforming Calmness out of Fear
Through Forgiveness
Transforming Kindness out of Anger
Brings the expansive season of Summer and fuels the endocrine system with liveliness.
For integration and incorporating the Metabolism, we see the Pericardium and the Triple Warmer. The function of these organs is to lower personal stress, clearing the system like a crystal and bringing overall balance to the self.
Refers to the inward season of Winter. It is connected to the circulatory system with its sound of waves.
The Five Elements according to Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a natural platform for understanding the sequential and interactive relationship to existence. This is a way to extract useful information that pertains to your development. Deepening a connection to the various cycles provides one with peaceful wisdom. The nourishing qualities of intellect enable steady growth and positivity. Through activating the basic Healing Sounds and gestures, you are being guided to transform emotions!
Every Element has a story to tell and a way for us to connect. Let's get started with Earth:
Gratitude through Balance out of Stress
"Wands of Light"
Emotional Clearing for the Sexual Organs
Raise your hands to the sky, filling them with colored light.
Comb through the sexual organs, clearing the emotion into the Earth.
Blue for Fear Into Calmness with "CHEW"
Green for Anger Into Compassion with "SHH"
Red for Hatred Into Joy with "HAW"
Yellow for Worry Into Forgiveness with "HOO"
White for Sadness Into Courage with "SS"
Crystal for Clearing Negative Emotions with "HEE"
Recognize this Symbol?
It's going to appear with each of the Elements.
White, also known as Yang represents emitting energy. Its general function is to
Yin, the color black, represents receptive energy. Its corresponding organ will
Notice the "Opposite" colors in each wing.
This demonstrates the cyclical nature of all things.
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