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Bill Bryson

No description

tyler mcnaney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson "A large black man on Eigth Avenue reeled out of a doorway, looking seriously insane, and said to me, 'I been smoking ice! Big bowls of ice,' I gave him a quarter real fast, even thought he hadn't asked for anything, and moved off quickly" Bryosn was born in Des Moines, Iowa When Bryson writes he makes things funny without being nasty, he explains normal things in a way that you or I wouldnt see it. Writes Books Outdoorsey type of guy. Loves Adventure "...protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality" "Life just wants to be; but it doesn't want to be much." "As my father always used to tell me, 'You see, son, there's always someone in the world worse off than you.' And I always used to think, so." History English Science Travel Bryson is an important writer because for some people who hate reading, he can make them enjoy reading and keep them fixed to the book. Some people compair reading to a trip to the dentist office. But when you are reading Bryson's books it is more like a trip to the dentist office only to have them tell you, you that you have the best teeth in the world, that you will never have to come back to the dentist and that your mother in law had finally found a new boyfriend who lives in Europe, but since the valcano's are erupting she cant return so she is going to live there. Smooth sailing for you.
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