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Why We Broke Up

No description

Tori M

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up

Main Characters
Min Green- loves movies, relates things that occur in her life to them, dates Ed Slaterton and they end up breaking up

Ed Slaterton- co-captain of basketball team, lives with his sister, cheats on Min

There is no specific setting in this book because it really doesn't matter. It does mention it takes place during October and December.
Point Of View
This book is in first person. Min is writing a letter telling the story of her and Ed's break up.
I recommend this book because its an easy read, not predictable, well written and funny!
Minor Characters
Al- Min's best friend
Joan- Eds sister, also likes movies
Lauren- Min's friend
Jillian-one of Ed's ex girlfriends, mean sometimes, helped Min, nice toward the end
Annette- another one of Ed's ex girlfriends, Ed cheated on Min with her
By: Daniel Handler

The first conflict was a fight between Al and Min. Al said something about Ed that she didn't like. They didn't talk for weeks.

Lauren made Al and Min swear that they would talk to each other and fix things. They were both sorry and started to talk again.
The second conflict was between Ed and Min. They were at a Halloween party and Ed was one of the "stars of the night." Ed left Min alone waiting for 30 minutes and she got mad.
Ed apologized 26 times to Min, which was how many days they had been together. Also by going to the Halloween ball. (this was the night Min said she should have broken up with him.)
Min met Ed at Al's birthday party and they drank together and he asked her out. They went on there first date to the movies and later Min spotted a lady who looked like the woman in the movie (Lottie Carson), so they followed her. Later on in their relationship Min wants to throw a party for Lottie Carson's 89th birthday and Ed agreed. They spend a lot of time planning it! Min wanted to get Lottie flowers and Ed tried to stop her from going to the flower store, but he failed. Min discovers that Ed has been sending Annette flowers. He was cheating on Min. She tells her friends about their break up and they find out she has been keeping a box of little objects from when they were together. She ends up leaving it on Eds porch with the letter.
Conflicts Continued
The third conflict was when she found out Ed was cheating on her with Annette. This was only resolved by breaking up. This is also the biggest conflict, it is the reason she wrote the letter.
I think the theme of this book is that not everything goes according to plan. I think this because Min and Ed were going to throw a party for Lottie Carson, but they ended up breaking up. “I started making plans, thinking we would get that far.” This quote also made me believe this was the theme because Min started to get excited and plan ahead but she found out he cheated on her.
“The thing with your heart's desire is that your heart doesn't even know what it desires until it turns up.”
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