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Keystone XL Pipeline

No description

Justice League

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline
Across the Nation

Keystone XL Pipeline
The Keystone XL Pipeline is a TransCanada pipeline that is proposed to transport crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

The pipeline is proposed to go through the following states:
South Dakota
This presentation will focus on the following topics:
Community Action
Eminent Domain
Petroleum Usage
282.5 miles of pipeline [2]
6 additional pump stations [2]
77% of proposed route crosses private property [3]
205 landowners, 66% signed easement contracts [2]
SB 363 has a loophole where the local government can claim any reason for aquiring property [4]
314.1 miles of pipeline [2]
7 additional pump station [2]
294 landowners - 92% of the proposed route is private property [2]
SD Public Utilities Commission granted permit in 2010 containing 50 conditions
3 failed attempts to pass a spill cleanup fund [4]
Broad restrictions on eminent domain for private development [4]
South Dakota
The pipeline affects more areas than just those along the route
254.1 miles of pipeline before the Sand Hills reroute [2]
5 additional pump stations [2]
99% of the proposed route is on private property [3]
Two bills were passed in special session to reroute the pipeline around the Sand Hills
Bold Nebraska is an action group focused on the politics of the pipeline [4]
155.4 miles of pipeline [2]
4 additional pump stations [2]
99% of proposed route is privately owned [3]
There are already 4,310 miles of exisiting pipeline [4]
The pipeline has to cross the Red and Canadian River [3]
The OCC Commissioner is limited to remediation after pipeline spills [3]
373.4 miles of pipeline [2]
6 additional pump stations [2]
11,941 miles of pipeline exist [3]
The pipeline goes over the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer which serves 10-12 million people in 60 counties [3]
100% of proposed route crosses private property [3]
Washington DC
Even though the pipeline is proposed to be on the other side of the country, Washington DC has been the center for many protests and rallies recently.

The pipeline has become a very politcal
topic for groups including:

Draw the Line
Eight protestors locked themselves to the construction equipment near Seminole, OK. Firefighters needed to use bolt cutters to remove some of them. [12]
Who: Almost 50,000 demonstrators
What: The largest climate rally in U.S. history
When: Feburary 17, 2013
Where: Washington Monument[18]
Draw the Line
Who: Activists across the country
What: Community rallies
Where: From east coast to west coast
When: September 21,2013 [19]
(Ogallala Aquifer)
Nebraska is in the middle of the breadbasket of America where farming thrives and petroleum has a big impact on farmer's crops
Oil is used to make pesticides that help farmers to prevent their crops from being destroyed [8]
Many agriculture machines use gasoline and diesel fuel which are produces from the refining of oil [8]
Pros of Petroleum
Cons of Petroleum
The Ogallala Aquifer provides 30% of the nations water for irrigating farmland [13]
A spill or leak of the Keystone XL Pipeline could contaminate the Ogallala Aquifer
This would cause crops across the nation to become contaminated
Prospect of Gasoline
Texas is the Oil Capital Of America
One 42 gallon barrel of oil produces 19.4 gallons of gasoline [17]
This will allow oil companies to flourish [17]
There is a possibility that the oil piped from Canada will be shipped overseas and will have no positive influence on the price of gasoline in the United States [17]
Thompson v. Heineman

3 landowners suing Governor Heineman, claiming LB1161 is unconstitutional
LB1161 is a new bill that took the pipeline route approval power away from the Public Service Commission and gave it to Governor Heineman and the Department of Environmental Quality
May be unconstitutional because LB1161 does not allow for judicial review [5]
Susan Dunavan v. TransCanada
Dunavan wants to keep the restored prarie biodiveristy
Concern for plant replacement - TransCanada only offered to replace 6 out of over 100 plant species that would be affected
TransCanada threatened the use of eminent domain before it was granted to them [6]

Crawford v. TransCanada
Crawford's land is on Indian burial grounds
TransCanada initially offered $5,000 for 2 acres, increased that offer to $21,000 after court trial
Case is still ongoing and expected to be appealed to higher levels [14]
Various environmental groups v. Army Corps of Engineers
Clean Energy Future of Oklahoma, Sierra Club, East Texas Sub Regional Planning Commission
Court rules that the environmental groups were unable to prove that the possible environmental harm would outweigh the economic risk of halting construcion [15]
TransCanada's Contributions to the Community
In North America, TransCanada donated over $10 million in 2011 to go towards wellness, safety and the environment. They are also partners or sponsors in the following organizations: [21]
Careers Next Generation
Dawson's Path Project
Duck's Unlimited
Engineers without Borders
Guadajalara Area
G(irls) 20 Summit
Junior Achievement
Impact Society - HEROES program
National FFA Organization
Nature Canada
Riis Settlement
Skills/Competences Canada
Stephen's Backpacks for Children in Need Society
TransCanada Alberta Backstage Series-SKUA Radio Network
TransCanada's Alberta Music Series -EPCOR
University of Calgary - The School of Public Policy
WordFest - TransCanada Reads [22]
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Figure 4: Oil Rig in Texas [16]
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