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Presidency 101: Back to Basics

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on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Presidency 101: Back to Basics

~Heidi Miller: ISTA UniServ Director, Unit 6
Presidency 101: Back to Basics
Don't do it alone!
Utilize your officers and AR's to spread out the duties.
BEWARE:You must monitor that the delegate tasked are being accomplished.
When asking for assistance, be specific about what the job entails and the time involved.
Employ other members to do side tasks to take the pressure off your leadership team.

How in the world??!!
President's Planning Calendar
Additional Items:
August-send discussion non-acquiescence letter
August 1st-initiate formal negotiations (unless you have an extended contract)
September 15th-membership affidavit due to the superintendent
Necessary Meetings
Effective Meetings:
Have an agenda and stick to it.
Give timely notice of meetings.
Start on time. End on time.
Implement decisions made at the meeting and/or follow-up on information requested by attendees.
***Hint: Ask your speech coach of FFA sponsor (if s/he is a member) about basic parliamentary procedures. Consider appointing a parliamentarian.
Parliamentary Procedure
Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised is the guiding document used for parliamentary procedure. See p.18 of your ISTA President's Planning Calendar booklet for a list of frequently used motions or go to
for a more in depth look.
Obtain and review copies of your local Association's constitution and bylaws.
Plan the objectives, programs and meetings of the local with the aid of other officers/executive committee members.
Preside over meetings.
Appoint and delegate responsibilities to committees and serve as ex-officio to all standing committees (unless delegate to another).
Attend trainings and share information learned.
Duties of the President
Constitution and Bylaws must be updated every 5 years and forwarded to ISTA. A sample can be found on ISTA's website (www.ista-in.org).
Oversee the financial operations of the Association.
Familiarize yourself with programs/policies of ISTA/NEA.
Be visible.
Build and promote a system of communication.
Create a network of member involvement.
The Key Idea:
One speaker speaks at a time.
One question is decided at a time.
The speaker must be respectful.
Everyone's rights are protected by balancing them with each other.
Northern Advocate Conference
March 1, 2014 @ Bremen High School
You are the Organizer, Recruiter, Negotiator, Contract Enforcer, Communicator, & "The Delegator"
Executive Board: 1x per month
Association Reps: monthly or quarterly.
Committees: as needed
Building Meetings: 2x's per year; additional meetings as necessary.
General Membership: 2x's per year; additional meetings for ratification or surprise corporation wide issues.
Meeting-Sample Agenda
Call to Order
Approval of Minutes
Bargaining (as needed)
Grievance (as needed)
Other special committees (as needed)
Old Business
New Business
A meeting without structure is like sailing without a compass- you spend a lot of time getting nowhere!
10-minute Stand-up Meetings
10-minute stand-up meetings are quick and to the point.
Don't let them go over on time. Spit it out and let people leave.
See p.5 of the AR Handbook for a sample agenda.
Often used for legislative issues and membership
Local Finances
Key items:
Have a budget. Stick to the budget.
Monitor the budget at each Ex. Bd. Meeting
Have two signers on accounts.
Pay your bills, always and timely.
Keep your tax ID information in multiple locations.
to find treasurer training
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