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The Gothic Ghost stories


Mike Yedinak

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of The Gothic Ghost stories

Gothic literature.............. By: Mike, Mannat and Tully
Where did it origin-8 from? How do authors past relate to thier Gothic Era literature books? What types of ghost stories where there? What is the difference btween the gothic era ghost stories (evidence) now?

aegeqg gow dg mgmxfnfadsdsddhttss Types of ghost story genres(supernatural spooky kind of stuff): Horror- This genre was pretty popular in the gothic era. It was about realy bloody murders and things that scare you. Romance- This is the genre you Twilight lovers like. This is about (for exsample) a person is madly in love with another person then that person dies and comes back to haunt them becaue they love eachother. Angels- There are many stories about angels that fell from heaven. Demons- this is the genre is about creatures that are particulary evil and in one movie the creature dragges somewone to hell. Sceltons- this is about sceltons that come alive and stuff like that. Thank you for watching! If you think of it they changed alot.
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