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"culturally constructed label (classification) that crudely

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of "culturally constructed label (classification) that crudely

"culturally constructed label (classification) that crudely and imprecisely describes real (human) variation" (Relethford).

Works as an ideological system and as a lived reality

because of the history and continuous manifestation of coloniality, slavery, and domination

where 'whiteness' is an ideological system and lived reality that positions itself in a hierarchical position to an 'other'
'blackness' can refer then to a collection of meanings that 'whiteness' has projected on people of African descent
OR as a form of consciousness and experience that develops from both historical and continuing conditions of racialization resulting from domination and discrimination (Hartigan 2010, p. 119).
if race is a construct and lived reality that disadvantages some, it is also a construct and lived reality that advantages others.
-so we have to reckon with privilege and power
principles of challenging 'ethnocentrism', bias, racism, and inequality has to be done in relation to our everyday lives
attend to issues of positionality
How are you affected by race? How is it a part of your lived experience?
What do you see happening in this class room?
How does the course material touch on racialized issues that are happening in the here and now, in the U.S. and at Skidmore?
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