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The Most Dangerous Parts of a Monster

Beware!! If you ever encounter a monster, than you must know all their strengths and weaknesses! This presi shows their strengths, good luck with their weaknesses!

Cloud Master

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Parts of a Monster

The Most Dangerous Parts of a Monster Claws The claws are used for tearing people and little children to shreds before devouring them. The Nostrils The Nostrils are mainly used for hunting down poor innocent humans of the flavor the monster is craving. Chompers The Chopmers are the 2nd most dangerous feature of the monster: they are used to rip their meals to tiny peices for digestion. Belly Button Very likely the most scary part of any monster is the monster's own Belly Button, for the reason that the Belly Button is responsible for the monster's sudden rages and anger issues. The Eyes The Eyes are responsible for most monsters quick reactions and swift movements. When fighting monsters, attempt to avoid monster's eyesight for attacks and sneaky movements.
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