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Hirotec Corporate Presentation

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Hirotec Hirotec

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Hirotec Corporate Presentation

For over forty years, Hirotec
has remained a wholly owned
Australian organisation which
leads the way in delivering
integrated facilities services
through our dedication to
innovation, customer service
and technical expertise.

To be a strategic partner,
providing technical facilities
services delivered throughout
Australia, with industry leading
people and systems that
underpin our 'top of mind' brand.
Hirotec is committed to
responsible management
practices that minimise adverse
health, safety or environmental
impacts on our people, our
clients and the community.
Hirotec's Mechanical Services business
provides complete tailored solutions to
meet any commercial Heating, Ventilation
and Air Conditioning (HVAC) or
Hydraulic requirement.
Hirotec delivers Electrical Services as
an integrated offering to supplement
its Mechanical and Fire businesses as a
natural synergy, providing total solutions
for Building Automation, Management and
Control, Lighting Systems, Switchboards and
Communication Systems.
With owners and operators of commercial
properties facing increasing pressure to
improve the environmental performance
of their facilities and reduce energy related
pollution such as CO2 emissions, Hirotec
offers clients a complete asset life cycle and
energy efficiency solution.
Hirotec's Fire Services span all fire detection
and monitoring needs - from design and
installation of fire detection and suppression
systems to the utilisation of the latest
technology to ensure ease of inspection,
testing, maintenance and annual
survey compliance.
A key aspect of Hirotec's business success has been
the formation of strong, long-term relationships
with our clients.
Where possible, Hirotec bases these relationships
on a partnership approach where our personnel work
as part of the client team to ensure a unified and
focused project - success objective.
One of Hirotec's greatest
attributes is our highly
skilled workforce of over
200 professionals. Hirotec
employs the majority of our workforce rather than on a subcontract basis.
With over 40 years of experience
operating across multiple industries
and various projects, Hirotec has
a wealth of knowledge to assist
you on your next project.
We believe we offer our
clients, without rival, the
opportunity to select and
partner with an organisation
that can add significant
value to any project.
1. Technical Leaders
2. Customer Service
3. 100% Privately Owned
4. National Coverage
5. HSEQ Accreditation
Your Building is our Business.....
Detailed planning
This stage also includes
planning and implementation
of all Health, Safety,
Environmental & Quality
(HSEQ) requirements
specifically related to
contract deliverables.
Detailed transition planning with client is key
to strong contract implementation.
Data validation & capture
The planning process includes asset condition, life cycle and plant information capture using barcode identification
methodologies – improves maintenance scheduling.
Complete field ITMS
Tailored Maintenace models from basic scheduled
maintenance to run-time servicing and comprehensive arrangements.
Technician arrives on site
& scans asset barcode
Technician undertakes
risk assessment
Technician completes
ITM tasks
Technician details any
defects identified
Technician obtains customer
signature & closes job
Detailed ITM Docket can
be emailed to client
Facilities services report
FSR includes various detailed reports on
contract performance.
Customer Service Centre
Energy Asset & Life Cycle Solutions
Our points of difference include but are not limited to:
1. Technical Leaders
2. Customer Service
3. 100% Privately Australian Owned
4. National Coverage
5. HSEQ Accreditation
Your building is our business.....
Owners and operators of commercial properties
are facing increasing pressure to improve the
environmental performance of their facilities
and reduce the amount of energy they consume.
Hirotec can tailor and monitor a program specifically
for each customer and each facility to meet
performance requirements.
Project Engineering & Management Services
Hirotec's Project Engineering and Management team can
design, plan, organise, secure and manage resources to ensure the successful completion of any engineering project.
Hirotec works with our clients to meet their unique goals and objectives and bring about beneficial change or added value through the deployment of a distinct range of technical skills and disciplined project management practices.

Electronic Reporting & Maintenance
Hirotec implements a Continuous Improvement Cycle in every
project and/or process we undertake. This also underpins our
Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Survey (ITMS) services
where the following Plan-Do-Check-Review methodology
has been deployed.
The development of Hirotec's Electronic Reporting and Maintenance (ERM) service infrastructure enables the tailoring of maintenance models to suit client requirements.
Information is always
• Review testing detail at any time online
• Review all defects lodged
• Access information for annual report submission
• Make informed decisions regarding asset
management strategies and budgets
• Report to stakeholders easily, transparently and quickly
Client Integration Solutions
Hirotec's Client Integration Solutions provide complete
data transparency and significant reductions in administrative resources, enabling Hirotec to streamline operational delivery and eliminate redundant processes through the use of field service automation technology.
Hirotec's Client Integration Solutions lead to improved decision making in relation to client facilities.
Hirotec's Customer Service
Centre provides our clients
with efficient and
comprehensive service
management 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.
Utilising Hirotec's
Computerised Maintenance
Management System (CMMS),
our centre staff program schedules and initiate work orders as part of the process of managing contract deliverables.
Hirotec's web-based services management module provides
our clients immediate access to information within Hirotec's Customer Service Centre as and when required.

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