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She said She said

No description

Rockayla Bradley

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of She said She said

She Said She Said

By: Celeste O. Norfleet

The book was basically trying to tell us that the mom and her daughter cannot get through their issues even if they tried. Tamika just wants her mom to go back to her old self and stop trying to act young knowing that she is not young.
Main idea
The main idea of this passage is that Tamika wants her old mother back but the only way to get her mom back is if she changes the way she act but Tamika is not willing to that so she tries to behave herself but it won't work if Tamika doesn't straighten her attitude with her dad going out of town for a month and having to spend a whole month with her mother, Laura.
There are three main character's there are:
Daughter: Tamika
Daughter's Friend: Lisa
Daughter"s Ex boyfriend: Justin
This setting basically takes place at the families house where the mother and the child have serious issues and just doesn't know how to work them out until the mom finds her old high school friends.
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