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Berlin Wall

No description

olivia hengelbrok

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall pieces today in Teltow
„Wenn viele kleine Leute an vielen kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge tun,
können sie das Gesicht der Welt verändern.“
What did people think
of it?
Economic Factors

1) The Eastern side didn't have as many natural resources as the west because the soviets had loaded them with heavy industries which used them up.
2) The brain drain made many people leave East Berlin. Also, because of the strict communism.
3)The Eastern side was really strict and had a communist government that was not a very pleasant place to live in. The Western side was a really lax and had a better economy. It was a democracy
4) The people of East Berlin didn't have enough of almost anything. It changed throughout the days. West Berlin had more than the East. They had what they earned in their job.
5) East Berliners lived in communism which meant that everyone gets the same as everyone else. They had very little food and other essential items. West Berliners had pretty much what they needed because the three countries ruled freely.
6) The US, France and the UK did not want the Berlin wall to be built. The Soviet government was in charge of it. However, the three countries did not do very much against it.
The people thought that the allied countries had abandoned them because when they put up the wall the allied countries couldn't do anything about it because if they did it would start a real war.
They also felt powerless because they were being controlled and kept away from freedom. They were so desperate, that they would do almost anything to get over the wall like: Jumping out of windows, driving into the concrete, dig underground tunnels, go in hot air balloons, etc. People from East Berlin were desperate to escape. Especially people who were separated from loved ones, or if they had jobs in West Berlin. The people of West Berlin were sad but knew that people on the opposite side of them had it worse.
Alicia Arias and Olivia Hengelbrok
Why was it built?
What was the economy like before and after the Berlin wall went down?
The wall was built because the East Berlin side didn’t want people escaping to West Berlin. The economy there was better which caused 2.6 million East Berliners to escape. Also, something called the brain drain caused them to build the wall. The brain drain was when all the intellectual people like doctors, professors, etc. flew out of East Berlin. This made their economy way worse. On August 13, 1961 they declared the separation of the two sides. They used barbed wire, fencing and guards. Over night families were separated and many people had lost their jobs. Within a week, the barbed wire was upgraded to solid concrete. A second fence was built June 1962. If people were seen trying to escape to the other side, they would be shot. The area between the two walls was named “The Death Strip”. The Soviets began making the wall even more secure which took 5 years to complete. This wall had 45,000 sections of concrete, which were all 12ft tall and 3.9ft wide; weighing 3 tons each. The renovated wall included: 79 miles of fencing, nearly 300 watch towers, more than 250 guard dogs, 20 bunkers and 65 miles of anti – vehicle trenchers. Which made it nearly impossible to escape the wall; still, more that 5,000 escaped to West Berlin. However, about 100 people died while trying to escape.
In East Berlin, before it went down there were people that lived in an enclosed place to live, being controlled. The quality of life they lived in was unhappy and there was no freedom to people. The qualities of life for the West Berliners wasn't that bad. After the wall came down there was a difference in the way people acted and thought. The wall had been up for 30 years and some families had been separated. So when they reunited, people were overjoyed. They overthrew a very tight government. They began to tear it down. In all the images and videos I have seen, there was a lot of crying and sad faces, but when the wall went down, there were a lot more smiles.
Berlin Wall
What were the differences between East
and West Berlin? And why ?
What were the effects?
How did World War II have an impact on it
How did it end?
The differences were that the Soviets controlled East Berlin. The US, the UK and France powered West Berlin. East Berlin was much stricter; the Soviet government controlled it with communism. In the East everything was controlled like everybody would get rationed supplies. Nobody had a lot so people would have to share their goods when they had enough and other people didn’t. You had to be over 60 to be able to travel freely. The West was a lot more loose and free. The three countries ruled with democracy. The economy was doing really well and people could express them selves. They had the right to travel and could make regular trips to the Eastern side to go to museums, cinemas, visit families, etc. The main differences to the sides were the two types of governments. The Soviets wanted total control over East Berlin. The US, France and the UK were a lot more relaxed and easy going with their side. Since East Berlin was not a very pleasant place to live, thousands of people tried to escape. Only 5,000 people actually made it across the wall.
World War II impacted Germany and the Berlin Wall because they thought Germany had to much power and they decided to divide it between them and they had to put up they're own governments. Since in the World War they were with Germany first they didn't fully trust them and that's why they together became the West and the Soviet Union became the East side. The government on the West side was much better than the one on the East side. Finally World War II impacted the Berlin Wall and Germany because it put Germany into the position that it had to be divided.
German news show announcing the fall of the wall
The Berlin wall was up from August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989. It all happened when a German news show when the host named Hanns-Joachim Friedrichs made the good mistake to tell the crowd of people and the live television that they were free to cross the Berlin Wall. Soon that evening thousands of people from both sides of the wall helped each other stand on top of it. The Soviets gave up and let the Berliners proceed.

The separation between the two sides

East: Soviet Union

West: USA, UK and France
Soldier saving a little boy who was separated
from his family
Famous graffiti pictures on the wall
Historical Factors

1) The World War II was one of the main reasons
for the Berlin wall being built because after it they did not want Germany per say to have so much power.
2) Another reason for the Berlin Wall was the first World War because this war made the second happen and that made the country be split in the different parts.
3) The first World War happened because Germany wanted to expand its territory because it felt like it need more space.
4) People needed to live a better life and they wanted to have a better quality of life and they couldn't do that in East Berlin and so many people moved that East Berlin had lost a sixth of its population and the Soviet Union did not want people to think that a communist government was weak and could not support its people.
5) The Berlin Wall was built so that the US UK and France would be afraid of the Soviet Union and part of why the Soviet Union itself did it was because it was afraid of them so it wanted them to be afraid of it.

The wall made people not be able to visit their family and friends it made people lose theirs jobs and families were separated for a long time some even never saw each other again. The people who lost their jobs could not provide for their family so their life became even worse. The people guarding the wall and the things in the wall made many people die trying to get to their families or trying to escape to a better regime.
The fall of the Berlin Wall had also many effects on people. The Soviet Union practillly collapsed. Many people were freed from the East side and could finally see their families and the people who lost someone could bury them somewhere were they could be remembered. The Berlin Wall changed a lot of people life's forever and they will never be the same.

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