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Manchester Academy Intro to PBL

No description

Cady Staff

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Manchester Academy Intro to PBL

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Where do Projects Come From? PRODUCTS and DRIVING QUESTIONS (at least 25 of each)

Examples ~

Product: An Art Piece in a Shoe or Spoken Word Performance
Driving Question: What does it mean to have moral courage? How can you show moral courage in your own life?

Product: Balloon Cars - car powered by a balloon
Driving Question: How does force make something move? GIANT Brainstorming Session Creating Meaningful Projects and Learning Experiences Tied to Teacher and Student Passions Project Speed Dating
6 Minute Gallery Walk
3 Rounds of Speed Dating (Find One Project and One Person)

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (to make the date less awkward):
What struck you about this project work?
What's the product and what's the driving question?
How might you use aspects of this project idea in your own classroom? Identifying Your Product and Driving Question Choose one product and one
essential question that interests
you (or develop a new one). Begin the Project Planner document... Think about one of the most significant and powerful learning experiences, either in school or outside of school:

1. Free-Write (5 Minutes) – Who was there? Where did these learning experiences take place? What made them significant?

2. Share your significant learning experiences with a neighbour.

3. Identify and record elements What is a driving question? - Engages Students
- Open-Ended
- Aligned with Learning GALLERY CRITIQUE SESSION Put Your Projects Out On the Table
Grab Post-It Notes
Leave Kind, Helpful and Specific Critique on Your Colleagues' Work PROJECT TUNING
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