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No description

Amy Mardis

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Innovation

Find something
you love
Communication Around the Office
Increased job satisfaction and motivation for success
Customer & Product Benefits
Once a month
2 hours
Brief summary
Learn theory and methods based on struggles specific to Catherines

A Culture of Innovation

Where are We Now?
Who Has it Right?
The Masters of Innovation

Employee Engagement
Current Positives
Design Thinking
Putting it Into Practice...
The Brainstorming Process
In Corporate:
Optimistic Environment
Rebranding Success
Activities Committee
New Training Programs/Intern Program
Stellar Awards/Town Hall
In Stores:
Great sales
Improved Product
Fantastic Visual Organization
Perks Program
ACE Rewards
Ecomm Promotions

Whole Brain Approach
Key Equation

Drawing upon logic + imagination + intuition + systemic reasoning
What Is
What Innovation is NOT:
of Risk
An Open
A Sense
of Curiosity
A Sense of
for the World
A Community
of Trust
The Foundations
of Innovation
A Beginner's Mind

What About the Stores?
The Process
The Importance of Cross-Functional Workshops
Failure to
at Work
are "present" but not enthusiastic
The Facts
billion lost annually
of Employees are engaged at work
A Focus on Positive Emotions
Positive Emotions Business Outcomes
1. Joy (happiness, amusement, elation)
2. Interest (curiosity, intrigue, excitement, wonder)
3. Contentment (tranquility, serenity)
4. Love (bonds, thoughtfulness, caring)
An inherent need to positively contribute to the organization
def. (n) A cognitive and emotional
investment in ones work
The Building Blocks
An Ingenious Idea!
Defer Judgement
Wild Ideas
Stay Focused on the Topic
Build on the Ideas of Others
One Conversation at a Time
Go For
Top 3 Innovative Ideas
- Blonde Roast
- K-Cups
- My Starbucks Idea
"Grow with discipline. Balance intuition with rigor. Innovate around the core."
-Howard Schultz, CEO
"Just For You"
An integrative, whole-brain approach to developing creativity, leadership and innovation in organizations
Linda Naiman
"Corporate Alchemist"
What is Innovation?
Catherines Today
Who Has it Right?
Innovation Processes
Our Recommendations
Our Innovative Ideas For Catherines

IDEO is an award-winning design firm that helps organizations innovate and grow

• #10 on the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies

•Awarded the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s National Design Award for Product Design

•Ranked one of the most innovative companies in the world by Boston Consulting Group

Background in Fine Art, Design and Marketing
Creates parallels of creativity and leadership for businesses and financial firms
Has serviced prestigious companies including:
Awards and Recognition
Who is IDEO?

Learn how to build a
culture of innovation

to attain market leadership
"This helps companies imagine their business and understand their customers in new ways, something that is essential at this point in the economy."

"Art can liberate that feeling and help us look inside ourselves, then we realize there are more ideas than we can imagine and they start to flow."

•First commercial mouse(Apple )

•The first standup toothpaste tube(Procter & Gamble’s Crest)

•First robotic whale (for the movie Free Willy)

•The World’s first Laptop (GriD)

IDEO's success

Structured brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and field research to try out new concepts and create great products

Specializes in figuring out what consumers want even before they know they want it

"The innovation workshop is really inspiring and engaging as it guides us...to explore the potential power of our minds and shows us how to lead the product innovation to business success"
Their Methodology

Their method of creation is designed specifically to account for failure

An expectation of failure is built right into their design process

“Failure is not failing. Failure is a part of the learning process.”

Blonde Roast
My Starbucks Idea

Extensive Leadership and
Design Thinking Workshops
Fortune Magazine Top Company
20% Time
1. Focus on design
2. Believe in jobs
3. Forget everything that came before it
4. Believe Apple is better than all others
5. Take flaws to heart
6. Never admit defeat
7. Remember attention to detail
8. Only Steve Jobs was indispensable
9. Secrecy reigns supreme
10. Domination is everything
"The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting. The cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of any predicament."
-Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer Inc., May 1999
Store Visits
What We Learned
They follow a "Work Hard Play Hard" ethic
Employees are encouraged to run their own show and work in a challenging and creative environment
They value creative people and put a major focus on innovation
They accept failures and learn from them
Customers, as well as husbands, sons, grandsons, etc. would love more places to sit around the store
Fitting Rooms
Would benefit from some personal touches and improvements
Howard Schulz's

Ideas for Improvement
4 Musts for Innovators

Seating Arrangements
Larger seating areas
Seating with better support
Associate training

of employees feel encouraged by co-workers to think of innovative ideas to solve existing problems
Fitting Rooms
General Appearance
Associate merchandising
Don't underestimate
Get lucky
With 15-20 chosen members of the organization
Discover and compile challenges within the organization
Form applicable "homework"
The Workshop
How She Can Help Us:
Overall, 80% of employees feel that Catherine’s work environment has a great sense of community
“I have been here 3 years, it has gotten better every single year. “

Hands-on tasks that form a hybrid between data and creativity
"Knowledge is in the hands" - Discovering leadership challenges through art
Cross-Functional at Catherines
The Follow-Up
A few months later...
Check-Up Conference Call
The Outcomes
A Crucible of Positivity
An Atmosphere of Freedom and Trust
Engagement in Conversations that Matter
A Community that Gold Mines Ideas
A Parallel Between Creativity and Business Success
Expand the Outreach Program

-Customer feedback on new products
- Show customers how to incorporate jewelry in their outfits
-Create buzz about CATHERINES
-Acquire new customers

Customization of Launch Party
The Cycle of Innovation
Once a month

Groups of 10 employees from different departments

2 hours

Brief Summary

Challenge Traditional Thought
How do you challenge
traditional thought?
Communication of Ideas
What does successful communication support?
Original Ideas

Where does
What do
original ideas
lead to?
Let's Talk Money
Frito-Lay saved $600 million
Sylvania's ROI: $20 for every $1 spent
Hewlett-Packard - invested $2 billion, net revenue $42.37 billion

10 Things About Apple's Company Culture
They provide career opportunities and employee security
They follow a defined set of values that contribute to a unified corporate culture
What Makes Them Innovative
"Apple is not Apple because of its technology. Apple is Apple because of the fervor with which its employees believe in the corporate mission... passion for one's company is arguably a prerequisite for any company that wants to dominate the market."
The Basics
-Matt Asay, VP of Business Development, Alfresco
Top 3 Innovations

Tagging Along
to Meetings
Update Selling Techniques
Cross Functional Teams
Launch Parties
Store Lounge
Just For You Locator
At Work
- Steven Forth, CEO,
LeveragePoint Innovations
- Baxter Pharmeceuticals
- Dr. Knut Zoellner, VP Technology and Innovation, BASF Polyurethane Specialties
Full transcript