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No description

Alana Yates

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Motion

By: Alana Yates
an act or process changing place of position. an act and instance that are moving of the parts of the objects.
the matter that forms and holds objects together.The mass of the weight and the force that holds it together.
Force means physical power or strength prossessed by a living being

Time means an period or action and process.
an object rubbing against another object.The disagreement that's between another object.
momentum means measured an product of the mass
The gravity of the heavenly mass of the object surface.The force of gravity between particles.
Mass affect motion by the greater mass of an object the more inertia.
The gravity affect motion that helps it stop
friction affect motion by the object slowing down
Matter is when an physical object that is composed.
Motion affect with matter because it moves in different directions.
Distance is covering a long way or going.
Distance affects with motion because it contains friction

motion affect time because the faster the relative velocity the greater the magnitude of time dilation.
Motion affect force because there is no force without motion
momentum affect with motion by the two verbals and mass
acceleration means the act and process of an object
acceleration affect with motion by the speed of the object
Velocity means the rate of the object and the change of the position.
Velocity affects motion by the gravity and force of the object.
The word drag means an object that is dragging under object.
Drag affect motion by the force of the object and the friction of the object.
The word thrust means to push an object with force.
Thrust affect motion by an object that stays in motion
Lift means to move an object to a higher position.
Lift affect with motion by the motion between the object
Inertia affect with motion by the change of the object.
Inertia means the property of the matter of what it continue.
Newton Laws
Newton Laws means the object between and the forces acting upon it.
Newton Laws affect with motion by each of the object of the changes.
Speed means the rate of an object to be able to move.
Speed affect with motion by the particles and to slow it down
Position means by the object to act on and the place located at.
Position means the direction the object is moving in and the pushing and pulling of the object affects motion.
Axis means a imaginary straight line and an object that rotates.
Axis affect motion by a single velocity and the directon it goes in and the different between one object.
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