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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of apoticicano

Parents. Where He was born
Little jr. the third
Can summon demons of fail.
Make explosions of fail.
Can make anything fail at anything.
An underground test room for little jr.the third.
Is immune to mind control.
How he was born.
Apoticicano was born of a failed nuclear weapons test. Anywhere there is a fail, he will be there.
Braikon is his brother and friend. He cannot make Braikon fail, and Braikon cannot make Apoticicano afraid. It's a brother thing. Ratitech is als her sister
strengths/ weaknesses
strengths/ fails, explosions, explosives.
weaknesses/ When people around me start to succeed. But with me around, that is near to impossible.
An explosion.
Negative aspect and good aspect
My god has a negative aspect on society. He has a negative aspect because he makes people fail. He is also positive because he makes people fail at war, dieing, etc.
My god should be put as the ruler of Olympus because i will challenge Zeus to a battle and make him fail to win. Then i will be the supreme ruler of the gods. And i can make you all fail at being ruler of the gods. So, might as well welcome me now, eh?
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