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Kublai Khan

No description

Louis Johnson

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Kublai Khan

Louis Johnson Kublai Khan Early Life Reign Later Life Later Life -Father: Tolui
-Mother: Sorghaghtani Becki Grandfather - Genghis Khan -After his father's death inherited estates with 10,000 households
-Managed his territories well
-Disputed with his younger brother, Ariq Boke over the title of Great Khan Early Rule Interest in Chinese Culture -Met with Buddhist and Taoist monks who he used as advisors
-Used people of other nationalities to balance interests of his people and those he ruled Wives & Children -Had Three wives
-First two died -Had Fifteen children
-His son, Zhenjin, succeeded him -Founder of the Mongol Empire -Born: September 23, 1215 Parents Yuan Dynasty -Established in 1271
-Realized he needed to concentrate on governing China
-Began wars against rival Dynasties
-After unification, he began a domestic policy which included repairing buildings, roads, and the Grand Canal
-Created first unified paper currency Foreign Relations Invasion of Japan -Attempted invasion twice, both times failing
-Failed invasions blamed on bad weather and/or bad ship design
-Ships were constructed quickly and without keels which made them tip over Invasion of Vietnam Asia Europe -Invaded three times
-Usually sea battles
-Eventually settled for tribute -Invaded Burma and made it a tributary state as well as other Asian kingdoms and states
-Established states in Thai Kingdoms -By 13th Century, European traders made their way to China
-European explorer, Marco Polo spent time in China and was in Kublai Khan's administration for 17 years Uprising -1287: Revolution instigated by Nayan
-Killed by Kublai Khan but supporters revolted until 1289
-Future revolts crushed -After the deaths of his favorite wife and heir, Kublai became depressed and started eating and drinking for comfort
-Became obese, suffered from gout and diabetes
-Passed title to his sons child, Temur, who became the next Khan
-Died on February 18, 1294 at 78 years old and buried at the burial place of the Khans Overview -Rose to power in 1260 as the 5th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire
-Grandson of Genghis Khan
-Founded the Yuan Dynasty in China
-1st non-chinese emperor to conquer all of China
-Ruled smartly, promoting economic growth
-Tolerated multiple religions
-Adapted other traditions into his government The End
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