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No description

Kristin Taylor

on 4 November 2010

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Transcript of France

France The Facts Area: 543,965 sq km – Largest West European nation
Population: 64,057,792
Population density (mid-2007): 113.4 per sq km
Life expectancy ( years at birth, 2007): 81.0 (males 77.6; females 84.5)
GDP per capita: $32,800
Head of State: President Nicolas Sarkozy
Head of Government: Prime Minister François Fillon
Next election: Presidential, due April 2012
Culture Business Culture Hierarchy is followed
Contradicting the seniors or the decisions makers is not a part of French culture.
Individualism is a high
What is said is as important and how it is said.
Appearance is extremely important and one cannot be shabby and sloppy, but clean and elegant.
Business entertainment through lunch is a matter of great importance.
Written communication must be very formal.
Long term Plans
Advertising Industry France started its advertising expansion from 1945
Advertising expenditure in France is 1.25% of its GDP and employs around 50,000
World’s eighth largest advertising market Worth $3.1 billion in 2008
Regulations Advertising for tobacco was banned in 1991 and alcohol was subjected to restrictions
Comparative advertising also was under strict regulation, though it was legal.
Direct to consumer medicine for children, Infant food, Computer games, Promote religious sects
The following is entirely banned for children: Direct to consumer medicine for children, Infant food, Computer games, Promote religious sects. advertise
Alcohol on billboards , not on television or the internet
Trends in French Ads Portrayal of women in advertising
Vulgarity or degradation of mass culture
Football! Hierarchical System FIN
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