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Corporate Fundraising

Training presentation for the Directory of Social Change. The aims are to give participants the tools and confidence to develop support from, and build relationships with, corporate partners. For more information visit: www.dsc.org.uk Contact Noam Kost

Noam Kostucki

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Corporate Fundraising

Charity Quiz
How many charities are there in the UK?
• 28,400
• 69,000
• 180,000
• 606,000
What is the most effective strategy for raising funds?
• Establish priorities
• Diversify the range of donor
• Set up a fundraising committee
• Identify prospective donors
What cause do companies give to most?
• Education
• Health
• Environment
• Medical research
The corporate ladder
2,100,000 employees
£787 billlion assets
Traditional market research:

"who can fund us?"
"how can we fund what we do?"
"what do we want to be funded?"
Be different
2 and 3 choices

General Electric
Design a product or service that solves a business problem
Noam Kostucki
Scott Harrison
Charity Water
Make it simple
& compelling
Understand Them
who can benefit from our expertise?
who can benefit from our market?
who can benefit from helping us?
Online posts are only 2nd to word of mouth as a reason to buy (Small World Labs)
34,000,000 users on Facebook in the UK, still growing
82% of internet usage is social networking (Marketing Charts)
54% of social networking users are over 35 (Universal Maccan)
33% of social media sites visits are to engage in product research before buying
47% say social media influenced their decision about buying
26% changed their mind after reading about a brand on social media
Social Media Facts
Simon Sinek
Start with Why
Rory Sutherland
Intangible Value
The Web for Fundraisers
Social Media UK 2010
Dan Ariely
Predictably Irrational
If you want to be understood,
Seek to understand
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