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Initiative vs Guilt, Erickson's Stage 3

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Adriana Lazaro

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Initiative vs Guilt, Erickson's Stage 3

-Initiative vs Guilt-This is a developmental stage presented by Erik Erickson that explains the need for a child to have responsibility and feel an initiative.

-Initiative- is the step into taking action and the readiness to act on a particular duty.

-Independence is key in this developmental stage
Age:3-6 years old
- In Eriksons theory he presents a feeling of guilt for children whose parents or care givers take to much control over the child

- Guilt can be expressed when the parent or caregiver does everything for the child, leaving the child feel as if they can do anything for themselves or that they do everything wrong.

-Example- Always tying the child's shoe and not letting him or her try and tie their own shoe.
-Children may also become frustrated and take on task that are beyond their abilities.

-It is important to still encourage the children to try the task and help them through the task.
Kids playing house- shows them roles that have different responsibilities.
Stage 3
- A child can form a sense of initiative through make-believe play.

-It is important for children to have make-believe play with other children in the classroom for them to explore different roles.

-Example- Children playing house, the child can make-believe they are the mother or father etc.

-He or she can form this initiative through a parents support of the responsibility.

- There can be positive initiative or negative initiative that can lead to guilt.
By:Adriana Lazaro
Initiative vs Guilt, Erickson's Stage 3
-Erik Erikson's 8 Stages of PsychosocialDevelopment, http://web.cortland.edu/andersmd/erik/stage3.html


www.youtube.com- Kids role play
Erik Erikson
-Erik Erikson was a psychologist who found 8 developmental stages for children growing up.

-Erikson improved Frueds theory of id,ego and superego by expanding on each stage and exploring the social creative side of the ego.

- He used a lifespan development model from birth to age 18 and went even further into two adult life stages.
Children grow up focusing on the people around them and the attitudes they receive from care givers and parents. It is important to realize the developmental stages a child is going through and recognize the importance of the feedback you give them. Showing a child responsibilities/initiative at a young age will help them grow into independent confident adults with positive outlooks on life.
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