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Innovative Green Schools Partnerships: Not Your Usual Suspects

A visual representation of organizations and their efforts in Wisconsin and nationally

Leah Samson-Samuel

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Innovative Green Schools Partnerships: Not Your Usual Suspects

Wis. Green Schools Committee Wis. Department of Natural Resources Facilitated the previous Green & Healthy School program

Supports schools with resources and programs, including Project Learning Tree, Project WET, Project WILD Everyone in a green school within this generation Committed to helping teachers take students outside to develop environmental literacy

Wis. Green School Committee member was a founding member Wis. Green Schools Network Wis. Center for Environmental Education Created to improve environmental education for K-12 schools in Wisconsin

Wis. Center for Env. Education has a existing partnership with:
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Public Instruction Innovative Green Schools Partnerships:
Not Your Usual Suspects by President, Madison Environmental Group, LLC
Co-Chair, Wisconsin Green Schools Committee Leah Samson-Samuel LEED AP BD+C, EBOM Wis. Sustainable Schools Coalition 1st partner with the Wis. Green School Committee

Provide a clearinghouse of information for school districts to reach their sustainability goals Provider Network Members on Wis. Green Schools Committee or Wis. Sustainable Schools Coalition:
Sustainable Engineering Group
Miron Construction
e-3 Group
Cooperative Educational Service Agencies-Region 10 (CESA 10)
Sustain Dane
Etc... Benefits New audience to have a conversation about LEED and WGBA chapter

Front and center in the development of the Green & Healthy Schools Program

Access to leadership to promote green school initiatives

Reduced redundancy of efforts

Better together How can you do this? Find an event, program, or project common to other groups

Think beyond "the usual" suspects of those involved with LEED

This has been a process. It did not happen in a week or month. Leah Samson-Samuel

Co-chair of WGBA Green Schools Committee

Speed Greening Table: come visit Questions? Department of Public Instruction Provides resources for the improvement of operations and management in schools

Sets academic standards for environmental education in K-12 curriculum Justin Leah Dan Andy Jon Theresa Victoria Melissa Meighan
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