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Roman furniture and

No description

Shiva Karwal

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Roman furniture and

Roman House
By: Shiva Kawal
Micah Dugay
Angel Cueto

This is how Roman furniture looks like.
This is a picture of Roman
Roman furniture and houses are costly.If you were rich you can live it.If you are from Rome and you are a citizen you have the freedom to live there. However, you csn live for how long you want to live.
Roman houses exist throughout the Roman Empire.
The main rooms were decorated with coloured plaster walls.
Stools were common as opposed to chairs and reclining couches were used . Beds were simple affairs with " springs" being provided by leather straps that criss-crossed a bed frame.
Houses also had water piped straight to them -unlike flats and apartment.
Roman houses for wealthy people, at the beginning of the Roman Republic, were a lot like the houses Etruscans lived in.
This is made from clay.
The Roman empire covered such a vast geographical area and lasted such a long time that the range of housing was correspondingly varied. However, in italy two main types of housing emerge from the literary sources and from archaeological remains in cities such as Pompeii, Ostia and Rome itself.
This is a video of Roman Houses.
Patricians were Rome's oldest families. They were rich landowners, and the men were leaders in the army. Patrician men decided who would lead Rome. They elected two men as consuls to make sure laws were followed.
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