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No description

Mark Reyes

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Plagiarism

Yahoo! Answers
Sites commonly used include:
Copyright & Plagiarism
Copyright is the legal right that an Author/Originator has. This legal right protects the authors work such as stories, songs, books, etc.
Plagiarism is using the exact words
of an author and presenting it
as your own without originally citing
the original reference and
disregarding the credit given to
the owner.

4 Types of Plagiarism
Copy & Paste
Word Switch
- Anytime you
use exact words
or phrases from a source without quotations or citations -
- Taking a sentence from a source and changing around a few words -
- Using an author's creative style to illustrate an important idea and give a clearer meaning to a plain description -
- Taking an author's creative idea or suggestion of a solution to a problem -

- When you hire, or pay someone else to do YOUR work. More importantly, copying word by word in a text -
Copyright infringement can cause copyright owners financial damages in the forms of billions of dollar$
The Digital Millennium Act (DMCA) makes easy redistribution of copyrighted material a crime
Copyright laws are broken almost regularly not knowing what you're downloading is illegal in many ways and cause misunderstandings
If caught plagiarizing, a culprit can be taken to court and may be subjected to years in prison and pay fines
Copyright infringement affect businesses, validity, reputation, and creativity of a person if their work were intimately being copied and reduplicated unwantedly
Fines can be charged around $500, thousands, millions of dollars depending on the material you plagiarize.
A few ways to avoid plagiarism include:
Tip #1
Tip #2
Tip #3
Tip #4
Tip #5
Tip #7
Tip #6
Surveyed by The Johnson Institute Center for Young Ethics...

of students admitted that they cheated on a test
(self-reported) admitted they did it more than twice
of students reported that they used the internet as help to plagiarize an assignment
of students admitted to cheating in the past year
agreed that “It is morally wrong to cheat.”
Surveyed by David Wangaard and Jason Stephens of over 3,600 students in New England...
According to a Pew Survey..

say that plagiarism has increased and is a growing problem
say that it has not changed
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