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Medicine in Ancient Near East

By Meridith Martin

Meridith Martin

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Medicine in Ancient Near East

Medicine In Ancient Near East āšipu What would happen if you were sick? By Meridith Martin diagnosed supernatural causes prescribed rituals for cures treated borken bones, wounds and infections would take temperature and pulse of a patient asu diagnosed supernatural causes prescirbed rituals to heal ill person they were experts in magic & they relied on it based outcome of patient on what he saw on is way to the patients house
If the exorcist sees a black dog or black pig, the sick man will die
If the exorcist sees a white pig, the sick man will live
~ could be a man or woman treated broken bones, wounds, and infections
asu would take temperature and pulse of patient doctor would note discoloration of skin asu would take notice of any swellings and inflammations, as well as the color of their urine an asu and/or an asipu would visit and prescribe cures specialist in herbal remedies could be a man or woman little known about surgery asu also made medicines out of salt, potassium nitrate, milk, snake skin, thyme, fig, ginger and turtle shells a physician would take the patients pulse and temperature if someone was hurt, they would wash, bandage and make plaster casts " "physician" "sorcerer/witch doctor" If you were sick: The ashipu would come to the patients house. They would diagnose the illness The ahipu would figure out which God or Demon was causing the illness He/She would try to figure out what
sin the patient committed The asipu would perform a ritual based who was causing the sickness,
and what sin the patient commited. They tried to get the disease to get out of the body, or to pass on to someone else (like an animal) Then, an asu would come and would give herbal medicines to the patient
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