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Fisk University

No description

Errica Short

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Fisk University

Fisk University
Areas Of Study
There are a lot of interesting areas of study like mathematics degrees, business administration degrees, Bachelor of Arts music degrees.
"The programs faster excellence in scholarships throughout the student’s college career by providing an honors curriculum by encouraging and promoting honors studies activities in total life of the university.”
This means that the honors program really helps you make sure your dreams and you career soars!
“Music has occupied a central role in Fisk history... today Fisk continues to provide students the opportunities to develop individual’s talent appreciation."
Also, music is very important to Fisk history so that is why the music industry is so gigantic and amazing.
“ Mathematics is important in the life of each individual… the mathematics faculty has contact with every Fisk students, whether in the mission of general education, teacher education, the mathematical education of major and joint major.”
Lastly, this is great because the university has an awesome program and you really need mathematics for any career!
The lights went dark as the dance team R.A.G.E made a powerful entrance with their cute blue and gold outfits on, in Nashville, Tennessee at Fisk University's gymnasium. As they walk out, the R.A.G.E team had glistening steamers!The GIGANTIC crowd was ROARING with excitement as they prepared to get into position. One day, I would love to be in this dance group at this wonderful school since my passion is to dance. I have chosen to research more about Fisk University's background information,areas study, sororities and campus life.
Campus Life
There are a lot of cool campus life activities and vast learning activities at Fisk.
“There’s always something going on at Fisk University… every week the Office of Engagement offers lectures, movies, sports, volunteer, opportunities and more.”
In addition, I enjoy this information because campus life really surrounds you with a lot of cool things and it really makes you feel at home.
“Fisk University vibrant campus life helps students develop leadership skills, character discipline…as part of our commitment to cultivating leaders and scholars, we give students a place to grow as individuals also lean to become accountable for their actions."
This quote because Fisk hold you to a real higher standard allows you freedom.
“There are over 50 students groups and organization on campus, and that number keeps expanding because students are encouraged to start a new clubs and organization every year… campus life at Fisk is a great way to explore your interest, make new friends, having fun and make the most of your Fisk experience.”
I like how they encouraged you to get different groups, so you have your full college life and university life at Fisk!
Sororities Logo and Sororities Names

There institution has a variety of awesome kinds of sororities at Fisk like Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and much more.
“The fraternities and Sororities at Fisk University promote a balance of academics, leadership, community service, and social events.”
At the university the sororities and fraternities encourages you to study, show leadership skills, help out in the community, and go to social events.
“Members of the Greek organization are expected to maintain high grades, to volunteer in the local community, get involved and be leaders in other campus organization."
This is important because sororities and fraternities should hold you to a higher stander, that is very important.
"Membership in a Greek organization is a life time commitment and in return members can expect to make lasting memories, long time brother also sister ships".
I love this because you have to pledge so if you only pledge for four years than it is not a true brother and sister ship.

I have learn a vast amount of information during my research about Fisk University that makes me even more interested to attend in the future.
In Fisk academics it says “Fisk offers its students an exceptional curriculum and dynamic learning and mentoring experiences with an award-winning professionally renowned faculty.”
This was important because if you are looking for an awesome academics program this is your opportunity at Fisk University in the future.
Also, the reason why Fisk University is an excellent chose is because it fulfills a crucial role in preparing students to become successful professional citizens.
In addition, Fisk has a wonderful heritage making great scholars and leaders.
Lastly, this is why I believe Fisk University is an excellent chose for students.

By Errica Short
Background information about Fisk University
Fisk university was founded in 1866,shortly after the civil war ended,Fisk University is a historically black university, and is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee.
Fisk’s outstanding faculty and students continue to enhance the University’s national reputation for academic excellence, which is validated year after year by the leading third party reviewers, as well as, by the pool of talented applicants and the large percentage of alumni who completes graduate professional degrees. Also, to become leaders and scholars in their fields.
Three men John Ogden, the Reverend Erastus Milo Cravath, and the Reverend Edward P. Smith established the Fisk School in Nashville.
Fisk Most Popular Majors
Linguistics is a study of a language
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